A Dream Of Winning: Part 2 “The Chase”

We have all done it. We have all said we wouldn’t do it again. Yet, we did. Chasing, the bane of any gamblers existence. You will find in reading these articles I focus a lot on the emotional aspect that accompanies betting. To me, it’s the most fundamental piece. Its universal in that it applies to every sport. Doesn’t matter if you bet NFL, NBA or European water polo. An emotional aspect will be involved whether you believe it or not.

A lot of what I’m talking about at this point may seem, childish, beginner, and unimportant. You want to know the ins and out of how to win though? This is where it starts, these stupid little sayings you always hear, “ ya ya don’t chase got it.” No seriously don’t fucking chase. I can teach you all I know, hell I can hand you all my notes for NFL, (and I will at the end of this mini series) but if you still “sweat” if you still ‘chase” your fuck fucked. Let that sink in. You are always going to be your own worst enemy betting on sports. You are always going to be the reason YOU have to pay your bookies come Monday. It’s not Team A fault for not covering Sunday night after you get hammered during the day and decided to double down chasing. It’s no ones fault but your own. Control this emotion, control this panic, this fear this self destructive nature. I hammer on it because it’s the most fundamental component to all of this. If you can’t, if you don’t you will be a loser. Disagree with me? How many of you are truly up money? If you are congratulations, if you’re not stop and let this sink in. You are a loser, but you don’t have to be. I believe in you, I believe you have the ability to make the changes you need to. Why? Cause I did it. What I’m about to share isn’t pretty. It was the ultimate low point in not only my gambling career but my life. An untold story for the most part, so sit back and enjoy as I share how I lost it all on the chase.

This can be positive, the feeling of winning creates a sense of motivation and drive. But I’m not here to talk about the positive, we all know what it’s like to win, and that doesn’t need fixing. It’s the losing that can be detrimental given the emotional attachment that it carries.

Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of a chase, hell Ive done it more than once in my life. And I’m still here, still learning, and still betting. It was 3 years ago, I sat alone in the Monte Carlo, rye on the rocks in hand debating how much blood I would need to sell in order to get home. I had got caught cashing.Taking my then student loan money I flew down to Vegas. Previously over the last few years I had been betting, and doing well. I thought I had it figured, like any cocky kid I thought I had the keys to the kingdom. My plan, simple fly down with my tuition money make a shit load of money fly home and be set for a few years how could this end badly. Like a big dick in the locker room I arrived in Vegas, only problem, I wasn’t a big dick. I was a small child about to have his teeth kicked in, badly. I won’t bore you with the bets that lead me to the position I took up at the bar that fateful Sunday night but it was bad. A few bets lost Saturday during EPL I doubled down the following Sunday morning during the early NFL slate, same story, lost it all. Sitting at 0–7 for my bets I took the money I had left to my name and dumped on the Giants Sunday night game. I put it all down on the competent Eli Manning (not). I knew as I placed the bet it was a bad idea, I knew I had enough money to go home and still make rent and pay for my classes till January, I was fine. But I wanted more, deep down I felt like leaving would mean I had failed. I was right I had failed, but failed at what really? Winning over one weekend? Who cares really, it’s nothing, yet I couldn’t see this. I was focused on the immediate, that gratification of going home and showing all my fiends I could make it doing this. Eli however decided not to be mentally competent that night. Shocker, I know. But it’s not Eli fault he is colorblind and mentally slow. It’s my fault for chasing, I know that, I accept that. I’m a big believer what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, well this almost killed me, but I’m still here. I’m still gambling and I’m doing it for a living now. A friend wired my the 350 dollars for a flight home I paid him off 2 months later, took a semester off school and really thought about my life. I took a shitty job I hated, and this drove my change. Come next September a near 8 months later I was back at it. This is my low point in my gambling career but it also marks the turn around, the point I, a lifetime loser turned it around. It’s all do to giving up the chase. Sitting in that bar as I drank my rye I hated myself, but I decided I wasn’t done with this. I wasn’t going to be one of the nobody’s Vegas was built off. I would be back and I would be better.

I stopped viewing gambling in streaks and weeks, even months, I became about the long term. Lose one day 2, 3, 4, hell lose 20 days in a row it didn’t matter anymore. I had moved to a place I was confident in myself and wasn’t hung up on always having winning weeks. Credit with your bookies can do some serious damage, the settling point that comes Monday for many gamblers is too much to handle, the thought of shelling out hard earned money. But as cliche as it is don’t worry about the battles, worry about the war. You can not and will not win every week. That’s ludicrous to think it’s possible. You will lose. Be comfortable with that. It’s going to happen anyone worth their salt in this industry can admit they have lost, and if they can’t they are full of it.

Life is full of lessons, and this was a good one for me. A painful one, but a good one. If I can change any one of you can too. I’m nothing special, it’s not capping games that’s hard, it’s shit like this. It’s changing your thinking, and understanding about how to do this that’s a challenge. It’s hard getting kicked when you’re already down, it’s not easy to stand back up. But it has to be done, you can do it.

What I have found leads to this chase more then anything is the over confident stake. The max bet that you loved that goes down in flames, the need to win that money back. Tune in next week for the 3rd edition in the mini series. “Proper Stakes, and Avoiding the Pitfalls.”

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