“Why Won’t She Behave?”: When Will They Stop Asking Hillary Clinton to Apologize?
Susan Bordo

Yes, you nailed it.

The “upity” First Lady who tried to get health car passed lost a slim percentage because she was female, a small amount because Obama was black, a little bit because of the emails, a chunk because of the fake Russian news flooding the internet, a bit because of leftist attacks that she wasn’t on the side of the worker, some to the lies about Obamacare, a part to the tax reduction voter.

And she won the popular vote and almost the Electoral.

The clear superiority of her intellect, knowledge, and experience was clearly evident in any of the debates.

So, we have a Evil Clown Puppet as president instead of one of the best trained and smartest candidates ever to run.

Real winner: Russia, China, Third World Strongmen.

Biggest looser: Republican Party. My Dad is embarrassed every day he reads the paper.

The above is the perspective of a white, male, centrist, hetero, college educated, post fortune 100 executive who is a passionate patriot. Lots of Americans see through the lies, you are not alone.

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