You Are

You said and have always said,

“ I AM.”

I AM the One who will never leave your side.

I AM the One who will always understand you.

I AM the One who will love you at your worst.

I AM the One who will melt your hardened heart.

I AM the One who will humble your prideful spirit.

I AM the Light in your darkest hour.

I AM the Hope in your worst downfall.

I AM the Rest in your most stressful state.

I AM the Wisdom who will dispel your foolish thinking.

I AM the Stability who will quiet your raging emotions.

I AM the Love who will satisfy your longing heart.

I AM ALL that you will ever need and want in this life and beyond.

You have said, and continue to say,

“I AM.”

Through all that I have been through,

You proved and continue to prove that


You truly are.

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