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Actually a good portion of those votes, still being counted, came from counties in California, like Orange Country, which went blue for the first time since 1936. I don’t need to mention it and there’s no failure on my part. More people voted for her in this country than DT. A LOT more. I refuse to accept that just because we live in cities, that our vote should count for less than rural America. Especially when the rules put in place for the Electoral College were set up to protect slave owners. The 3 Californians rule of thumb is archaic and doesn’t represent the population v. land mass anymore in this country.

By our election laws, DT secured the land mass votes from rural states and got to 306, but the people voted for Hillary Clinton. There is no popular mandate for DT and he would be wise to take into consideration the views of the majority of the people if he is to lead “all” of the people.

Once the election is over on December 19th, we’ll have a better idea how that shift happens, but until then, a fact is a fact: The majority of the people who voted in this country (2.7 million and counting) voted for Hillary Clinton, who received more votes than any white male candidate or presidential candidate in U.S. history. Trump’s deficit in the popular vote is the third-largest on record for an election winner and the second-biggest for an electoral college winner. He lost bigly, I guess you could say.

I fully accept that he may be voted in on December 19th, but the popular vote matters because of the mandate. He can’t just run around and do whatever he pleases because a huge majority of the population doesn’t think he’s fit to serve as Commander in Chief and the Congress and the Senate will uphold that mandate.

Is all I’m saying.

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