The Hail Mary toss of birth landed you in a family that could put you on a soccer team and buy cleats as your foot grew. And someone was home to help you with your math and give you a gummy vitamin each morning.
Ketchup sandwiches and other things stupid poor people eat
Anastasia Basil

And sometimes even this was it. What if you parents stopped there? When a soccer team was as far as the money went and you worked your ass off to buy your own cleats to get a full scholarship because they wouldn’t pay, even if they could. And they never taught you what to do next or how to pay for your first car, or insurance, or college, or how to balance a bank account. Folks thought you had it good because you were on the team, but the parental unit didn’t give you the vitamins and they didn’t understand math enough to teach you anything. There are shades of poor.

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