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Anonvers — 2022 Crazy Metaverse Platform







— Anonverse Declaration

DAO + GameFi + Web3.0 + Privacy Transactions + Launchpad Multi-element decentralized autonomous application platform.

About Anonymous

“ From a distance, it looks like a sneering black statue. Actually, there is no reason to say they are morally corrupt. At this grand moment, knowing that this is an illusion, you must stand on the ground, and you must be able to find them on the ground.”

“ A subtle ripple swayed in the originally stable and solid space, and the world became blurred. Outside the universe we live in, it is difficult to smell the breath of hackers. Perhaps, this is the trace of Anonymous.”

In 2021, the concept of the Metaverse suddenly became popular. The entry of large companies has undoubtedly pushed this concept carnival to a climax. A thousand people will have a thousand cognitions about the Metaverse. Faced with the concept of the Metaverse, in fact, everyone is exploring the unknown.”The Metaverse is still in its early stages of development. From silence to explosion, the Metaverse has experienced the listing of Facebook announced that it will transform into a Metaverse company within five years. In August, ByteDance spent $1.5 billion to acquire PICO. In November, Alibaba established an XR lab, and Microsoft released “Mesh for Teams” at Lgnite 2021.

Opportunities and futures move forward iteratively in silence and explosion. Standing on the shoulders of the Metaverse when the Metaverse has not yet fully emerged is tantamount to standing on the cusp of an entire era. The unimaginable explosive power exhibited by the Metaverse is behind the “clustering effect” of related Metaverse elements, which is similar to the “clustering effect” experienced by the Internet in 1995. The conceptual carnival will eventually come to an end, and the further development of the Metaverse needs to rely on actual application scenarios and products, which is an important move for the future layout of the Metaverse. The emergence of ANONVERSE has brought us some amazing inspirations.

Immigrating to Mars and exploring into space are the ultimate exploration of physical space by human beings. Coexisting, ANONVERSE is creating a new digital space through technology. In ANONVERSE we will see the Fifth Space created by technology, the Metaverse in the ANONVERSE Digital Space as the actual social form created (such as V.DAO). ANONVERSE creates a digital dimension of the real world for the non-physical concept of the Metaverse, transmitting imagined cognition back to the real world.

In today’s discussion of the Metaverse, the nature of each other all created different characters. For ANONVERSE, while uncertain about the shape of the future Metaverse, the two fit very well. The combination of the two can create an unquantifiable value space at the key points where ANONVERSE fits with the Metaverse, such as digital proof of ownership, NFT, value transfer, DAO, Barrier-Free Operation, interoperability. In ANONVERSE, we see the blueprint of the Metaverse, and everything fills us with expectation and confidence.

Project Description

ANONVERSE is a diversified decentralized autonomous application platform initiated by the global hacker, anonymous and white hat alliance. The ANONVERSE platform is divided into five sections: V.DAO, Crpto War.V, V.Cash, V.Launchpad, V.Audit.

Crpto War.V provides players with a Metaverse-like gaming experience, where players can create their own digital identities, purchase public spaces to show themselves, and trade NFT cards on the NFT Bazaar. These experiences combine work, life, and gaming, with players participating in a Play-To-Earn DeFi economy and earning income in-game. At the same time, this provides a guarantee for the liquidity and continuity of the ANONVERSE ecological Token Economy System.

What is more attractive is the ecological construction of ANONVERSE with long-term vision and integrated thinking. ANONVERSE is committed to building the largest DAO platform in the crypto industry. The V.DAO community attracts global technology enthusiasts to join. You can create and display works in the ANONVERSE platform. Whether you are an application and game developer using traditional technology stacks such as Web SDK and Rust SDK, or any beginner who wants to learn to develop

in Internet Computer, you can communicate with many technology enthusiasts in the community, and the high-quality resources gathered by the ANONVERSE platform will Power your projects and technologies.

The governance form of the V.DAO community not only breaks

the current state ideology, but also creates a more diverse communication space for breaking technical barriers. You can have a go at the “Hackathon” competition held regularly by the ANONVERSE platform, or you can submit the code to be used to the community White Hat Organization for audit, and the V.DAO community will extract the ANONVERSE exchequer to reward and invest in the project with the highest votes. This move will be very attractive to many project parties, and the rigid demand of the project party for privacy transfer will naturally become an accurate user of V.CASH. At ANONVERSE you will be amazed by the vitality of the community.

Other sectors in the ANONVERSE platform are essentially empowering the V.DAO community. Top technical talents in the community will be selected to create a richer ANONVERSE Metaverse space. You can work in V.Audit for bug bounty tasks, audit high-quality projects voted by the community, and audit imaginative products from other platforms. At the same time, you can also work in V.Launchpad and become a member of the project incubation team.

I think I should tell you that the premise of ANONVERSE’s development is your participation. For the ANONVERSE platform, each member is the driving force behind the development of the ecosystem.

You and the ANONVERSE platform go both ways.

If you still want to understand how the ANONVERSE platform works together to create value, the following content may help you.

Official website link:


Algorithms control the world, and humanity will lose its sanctity. In the future, the value of carbon-based organisms will continue to be endowed in the algorithm network. Human beings as a whole still have value, but individuals no longer have authority. V.DAO borrows the power of external algorithms to make small collaborations anti-individualism and anti-institutional authoritarianism way to advance to larger community issues. Against complex unconscious algorithms, the human will is the most important thing in the universe. In the face of immortality, happiness, and divinity, V.DAO endows anonymous people with the core potential of immortality.

1. The Connotation of the V.DAO

V.DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization, a community controlled by computer code and programs. By using smart contracts, V.DAO can process external information and execute commands based on smart contracts. All codes are reviewed by the community, all actions are supervised by the community, and all strategies are subject to community voting. Without any centralization (such as community leaders, project

parties) intervention, V.DAO motivates stakeholders to operate through the $ANON Token Mechanism. The V.DAO aligns the interests of the organization with the interests of its members, usually through the use of game theory. The operation of V.DAO has no boundaries, which will bring infinite vitality to ANONVERSE.

2. The Two Core Points of V.DAO

V.DAO- Decentralization: No single entity can make and execute decisions

V.DAO- Autonomy: fully autonomous operation

Once V.DAO is deployed, it cannot be controlled by a single party, but by the entire community. Governance rules formulated in advance in the agreement can guide participants towards the most favorable outcome for the network. In short, V.DAO provides an operating system for open collaboration that allows people to collaborate without knowing or trusting each other.

V.DAO’s community rules are transparently stored on the blockchain. Typically, the way decisions are made in V.DAO is that the first step is through a proposal, and the second step is voted on by stakeholders in the community. If a proposal is voted on by a majority of stakeholders, or satisfies another set of rules in the network consensus rules, it is implemented.


V.PASS is an NFT card and a pass to participate in V.DAO, which needs to be purchased on the official website. Only holders of V.PASS can participate in voting and have the opportunity to participate in community IDO. For details, please pay attention to the official website of ANONVERSE.

Official website link:

About Grants

The most attractive part of DAO is that individuals have “ownership”, and the emergence of such organizations makes up for the lack of centralized organizations. Every member of the V.DAO community has the right to make decisions and at the same time have the right to benefit from community projects. In particular, the community guarantees a back-up grants, which means that in the event of a loss, donors can return the donate funds.

It all starts with V.DAO’s first grants. The first batch of donation activities start at 1:00 pm UTC on January 15, 2022, for three days. (Donation Amount: 33,600,000,000 $ANON, accounting for 16% of the total token issuance), please visit the official website for details.

Official website link:


$ANON is the governance token we use to decentralize the ANONVERSE into the V.DAO ecosystem to collectively fund the next generation of public goods. $ANON holders will be able to participate in economic decisions in the ANONVERSE digital space, helping to guide the direction of ANONVERSE’s development.

Possible Forms of V.DAO

In V. DAO, community anonymity members vote to declare the collective will at different stages of collaboration. 4% of the handling fee in $ANON tokens is used to support the development of the ANONVERSE exchequer, giving actual financial support to the will of the community. The wishes of the V. DAO community cannot be violated. Automated integrated information network system, V.DAO decentralized governance model maximizes the utility of information resources in an environment of differentiation and unequal upgrading. Whether you want to join the V.DAO community or not, the rich information resource system will not change its way of existence. For dataism, the freedom of information can reach the ultimate state, and the decentralized organizational framework combined with dataism brings V.DAO a strong vitality and conditions for sustainable development. In the hacker spirit, time represents possibility and choice represents the future. The future of ANONVERSE works for our common goal within the infinitely designed space of V.DAO.

V.DAO Cooperates With Other Platforms in ANONVERSE

Community members make decisions on a certain proposal, and further reach a rigid consensus by voting in the development process to represent the will of the community, which creates a set of“information exchange”+“technical learning”+“financial support”for technology enthusiasts and technology learners All- in-one resource-rich network. V.DAO is the decision-making space in the ANONVERSE platform. The anonymous project plan formed in the community issues will determine the future development of the ANONVERSE platform. In addition, it will be implemented with the help of V.LAUNCHPAD and V.ADUIT in ANONVERSE. The skepticism and separation intention that appeared in the topic will become the driving force for the development of V.DAO. Under the guidance of the hacker spirit, the division creates value and integrates and builds consensus.

Crpto War.V

Crypto War.V is a tower defense game in ANONVERSE that uses “Play-To-Earn” and “Compete-To-Earn” modes to earn money for gamers. Crypto War.V draws inspiration from the original classic game — Plants vs. Zombies, in which you will take on the role of a Cyber Security Expert, using in-game cards to fight the threat of attackers.

1. Crypto War.V+ GameFi

The future of GameFi is the Metaverse. GameFi and the “Play- To- Earn” model are creating a steady stream of income for players all over the world. These online jobs are great options for future Metaverse scenarios. People are willing to invest time in the virtual world, enjoy life and earn income.

Before Crypto War.V, there have been many Metaverse-like projects. For example, firstly, Second Live is a 3D virtual environment where users can control avatars to socialize, learn, and work, and the project has launched a marketplace for exchanging NFT collectibles. Secondly, Axie Infinity is a play and earn game that generates steady income for players in developing countries. Although Axie Infinity does not provide a single 3D

character or avatar, it provides users with a metaverse-like Career Opportunities. It’s become a well-known anecdote that you may have heard Filipinos use this game as a substitute for a full-time job or social welfare.

Crypto War.V has gradually evolved from NFT playability and DeFi financial attributes, both of which have great exploration space and possibilities. The CRYPTO WAR.V mid-single Token system (using $ANON) reduces the difficulty of resource integration and facilitates transactions, which provides an entry for any player who wants to understand GameFi, and also promotes the flow of funds in the game, players participate in the game and gain economic benefits The ratio of benefits is improved, and when players buy $ANON in large quantities and lock their accounts, the currency value and player benefits will increase accordingly.

However, it should be noted that in a single-token system, it is difficult for new players to keep up with the upgrading speed of old players, and the game token mechanism causes potentially huge inequality, which means that you need to get admission tickets as soon as possible. Remember, the sooner the better.

2. Crypto War.V+ NFT

Cryptocurrencies are bought and sold online, and are often coded using the same underlying protocol as crypto assets. Most in-game NFTs include interactive NFTs (which can be applied to combat upgrades, training, merging, spellcasting, inheritance such as incubators, sprites, cards, avatars, progression, training, inheritance to improve player performance in the game) and Collect NFTs (out of the gameplay, involving entertainment scenes and limited combat attributes, increasing the fun that players have, such as land, cosmetics, badges). Compared with normal NFT, NFT in Crypto War.V has the potential for interoperability.

There are 20 types of cards in Crypto War.V, and they are divided into three levels (R/SR/SSR). Cards of different levels and attributes will generate different game benefits in the game. Players need to arrange and combine different NFT cards in their own defensive territory to maximize game benefits. Specifically, each card has different parameters on deceleration, crit, damage, attack speed, and stun, and the card game strength is positively correlated with the card level. Cards with better quality bring correspondingly higher offline income to players.

A special reminder is that the cards in Crypto War.V are sold in limited quantities. If you want to increase token output income or simply like ANONVERSE’s NFT cards, you need to pay close attention to the dynamics of the official website.

Generally speaking, the sales of NFT cards are extremely popular, and the sales speed is beyond your imagination.

Official website link:

Economic Model

Game Mode

Play-To-Earn: combine the leaderboard to compete for points;

Compete-To-Earn: Each competition requires users to stake tokens, and the winner will receive 80% of the winning stake.

2. Game Mechanics

Buy cryptocurrency tower NFT, different NFT have different properties. Placing NFT in a limited game area, killing Fud’s army in the game will drop $ANON tokens and NFT fragments.

Even if you leave or close the game, you can still get offline revenue from the game (a fee will be charged for competition rewards). Players do not need to perform tedious pledge operations, which means a lower threshold for entering the game and simple operations than Axie. The web mode is disguised as the default script hang-up, which will become more friendly to many players and guilds. It is also the world’s first automatic profit mechanism.

3. In-game Token Consumption

· You can get token income by purchasing NFT without staking. · There is only one NFT warehouse for each wallet address, and there will be a limit on the number of NFT that can be stored initially. It needs to spend $ANON tokens to upgrade to increase the storage limit.

· Spend $ANON tokens to turn on crazy mode and increase the attack speed of NFT towers in the whole field.

· Spend $ANON tokens to speed up skill cooldowns. · The system will recommend the most reasonable combination of cryptocurrency towers at the beginning of each level.

4. Enter the Game

Players can permanently unlock the game by purchasing a pass-V.PASS (valued at $7) on the ANONVERSE official website.

Official website link:


Blockchain technology guarantees that V.Cash is immutable. V.Cash cannot be modified or closed by anyone, including initial developers.

When you choose to use V.Cash, please read the following carefully.

1. How to achieve privacy?

V. Cash is a fully decentralized, non-custodial protocol for transactions in the crypto space, improving transaction privacy by breaking the on-chain connection between source and destination addresses. As a decentralized protocol, V.Cash of the ANONVERSE platform has been listed on Binance Smart Chain.

2. How does V.Cash work?

Use a smart contract to receive a token deposit from a contract address into the pool, and generate a new private certificate, through which the user can use the new address to withdraw money to achieve the purpose of anonymizing this transaction (7‰ for each transaction fee).

The strength of such a protocol comes naturally from its number of users and the size of its pool. The more users deposit into the pool the merrier. However, to preserve privacy & anonymity, the user must keep some basic rules in mind such as:

· Using a relayer to pay gas at withdrawal;

· Leaving a lapse of time between the deposit & the withdrawal action;

· Mixing its funds with the crowd by waiting for several transactions before recovering its assets.

3. Deposit & Withdraw

· Deposit:

1. Choose a chain.

2. Choose the token you want to deposit and its amount.

3. Connect your wallet. (Choose between wallet providers such as Metamask or WalletConnect )

4. Save your note. Click on Deposit and store your note on a secure place before clicking on I backed up the note. You can also save encrypted notes on-chain by setting up a Note Account, by clicking on Settings (top-right corner).

5. Be patient.


1. Choose a chain.

2. Paste your note.

3. Confirm the withdrawal.

4. Done.


There are many kinds of launch platforms in the market to help new projects get a proper launch, launchpads like DAO Maker, GameFi, Biance Launchpad, etc. are already helping potential investors track promising investments in the crypto space. In contrast, V.launchpad in the ANONVERSE is the first multi-chain IDO platform fully supported by token holders.

The ANONVERSE ecosystem platform with a review process is equally committed to helping investors and users filter out fraudulent projects and carpet-pulling scams, identify promising early-stage projects, and provide high-quality blockchain project designers with a higher level of security protection.

Multi-chain IDO Platform

· Multichain — One of the main differentiators of V.Launchpad is that it is not limited to a specific blockchain. Instead it can support projects from a broad number of networks, centralizing the highest quality projects from all chains onto one launchpad.

· The first launchpad by thought leaders — One of V.Launchpad’s unique value propositions is that it is built and broader by an exceptionally broad range of thought leaders, resulting in distributions, much better project exposure and more precise marketing.

· Distributed and fair — The V.Launchpad allocation distribution system ensures that the number of onboarded supporters and IDO participants is as large as possible and that the staking requirements are as low as possible. Allocation winners will be transparent for all to see.

· Forecast powered distributions — V.Launchpad introduces gain-only forecast mechanics which allow the community to predict the token price of a specific project 30 days after the launch.

· While this system requires an anti-sybil attack mechanism to prevent syphoning rewards using bots and other automated mechanics, the required stake will be set to the bare minimum required to prevent attacks in order to allow as many participants as possible.

· No listing cost — V.Launchpad will never charge a listing cost.

· Compliant with KYC regulations.

· Decentralized listings — V.Launchpad aims to become fully decentralized, giving control of all launchpad mechanics to the

community, thus ensuring continuous support and engagement.


According to the incomplete statistics of SlowMist Technology, there will be 231 blockchain ecological security incidents in 2021, with losses exceeding $980 million. The frequent occurrence of phishing, theft, and running away incidents reminds us that the security of the project is very important to the ecological development of the entire industry and should not be underestimated.

The ANONVERSE team is formed by the world’s top hacker team. The team will launch its own blockchain security solution in the future, provide comprehensive and strict security audits for high-quality blockchain projects, deductively reason all possible scenarios, and comprehensively assess risks.

ANONVERSE’s Audit reports are customized, complete, and transparent. The report covers information on any identified vulnerabilities, categorizes them by severity level, and makes

professional optimization recommendations.

After each successful audit, ANONVERSE will add the project to an anonymous leaderboard, and the content of the leaderboard is open to sharing with the entire crypto community, including project details, audit reports, and the community’s security sentiment towards the project.

1. 2021 Attacked Projects (part)

· In April 2021, Uranium’s Master Chief smart contract was attacked. Hackers used the logic loophole to execute the pledge reward code to drain the RAD/SRADS pool and exchanged them for $1.3 million worth of BUSD and BNB.

· On October 27, 2021, the Cream Finance oracle was manipulated. Hackers borrowed DAI from Maker DAO to create a large number of YUSD tokens, and at the same time manipulated the multi-asset liquidity pool to artificially increase the oracle’s quotation for YUSD, thereby creating enough The borrowing limit is to borrow the vast majority of Cream Finance’s funds in the Ethereum V1 lending market.

· Hackers obtained the API Key of Badger DAO in Cloudflare’s backend, and injected a series of malicious codes into the front- end code of the website.

· ANYSWAP uses an inappropriate value in the background signature, and the hacker deduces the signature of its private key

through two transactions.

2. Audit Process

Working together is a simple 5 step process.

3. How Does It Work?

Our security audit platform evaluates smart contracts for vulnerabilities and certifies their behavior with respect to a custom function specification.


$ANON is the governance token in the ANONVERSE platform. Total supply 210,000,000,000 $ANON. It will be mainly distributed to: game output, mining, donation, public offering, ecology, team, consultants, marketing, these parts are crucial to the creation, development, growth and maintenance of the $ANON ecosystem.

1. Token Features

· participate in community governance.

· Incentivize usres to invite new players to join the ANONVERSE platform.

· Seasonal host tournaments, open a bonus pool to attract players to participate.

· Players need to pledge a certain amount of $ANON in the prize pool to participate in the competition.

· Unlock the maze and upgrade the cryptocurrency tower in the game.

· LP incentive.

· Staking incentive.

2. Token Distribution

3. Token Tax

· 16% Sales tax

· 8% Buybacks 4% Marketing 4% ANONVERSE exchequer · Sale Tax will be cancelled when major CEX is listed

Looking for ANONVERSE

· Official website link:

· Wihtepaper:

· Twitter:

· Telegram:

· Discord:





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MAC CLUB—the only designated partner guild in Asia Pacific region as announced by Celestial

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