Dear heartbreak boy..

..I chose you to hurt me, just like John Green said.

I am standing in the same place as you did that night, in front of my house.

Should I have pulled you closer and given you an ultimatum?

To either take it all in or leave me be.

I remember how eager we were to meet each other after being 24 hours apart.

I should have said, lets take things slow.

Little did I know, you liked games and you’d kill for a chase.

But I don’t do games boy, I do love, like old school.

I fall for you. Tell you I love you. Stick with you thru thick n thin.

That is my thing. Even if it means, getting my heart broken. Again and again.

I am sitting right where you waited for me in that rain.

Shouldn’t have believed what you said.

But I have to admit, even though you said it only once, it still echoes in my ears. I love you..

I am having the same thought I had that day.

The day I realized, you were not coming back.

Wish I could see you once again…

She wrote a lyric for each time she thought of him, soon their song became a lullaby
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