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The use of our National Guard by the President over the objections of the local Governor is already established and was practiced by the Kennedy’s when they used it to force Governor George Wallace to follow Federal Law in the 1960’s. The author seems not to know this. The Supreme Court wants the States to have separate powers from the Federal Government, but not to the point where they are allowed to defy Federal Law, which would be the case if Anti-Constitutional Governors of California, New York, Washington and other States, decide on their own to defy Federal Laws pertaining to Illegal Immigration Policy, just because it is politically prudent for them to do so within their own constituency. We have ONE COUNTRY and Federal Laws TRUMP State Laws and rules. That is something our President is going to teach ALL GOVERNORS regardless of whether they are from a Blue State or a Red State. Our nation is at war. Our enemies are mostly outside the borders of our Country, but there are millions of Mexican infiltrators in our Country who have been coming here for 50 years or more, to create a new Country they want to call AMEXICO, but now that Trump is here, this will never happen. They have millions of voters who are behind this type of Treason, but they still lost out to the rest of us in the recent election. They didn’t have the right voters in the right States, and our Country cannot afford to give them the four years they need in order to remedy that blunder. Aside from the Mexicans who are lawful citizens of our Country but still wish to commit Treason and betray us, there are about 20 Million Mexicans inside our Country who have no right to be here whatsoever, apart from the political cover afforded them by the 40 Million Mexicans who are allowed to vote. This Mexican Voting Block is Un-American and Treasonous, because it seeks to destroy our Country from within. It seeks to enable all their friends and relatives to enter our Country and suck us dry until our Middle Class is destroyed as a result. This invasion has been going on for the past 50 years and is Mexico’s way of replaying the Spanish American War, so Mexico gains control of our Country this time, by voting our Country out of existence. Apart from this war, Trump is also up against the Muslim Brothers who wish to infiltrate and destroy us from within, just as does the Mexican Government (or at least their wealthy elite). The Muslims wish to use our own Immigration policies against us so Millions of them can enter our Country and slowly destroy it, by using our laws against us, and eventually, turning our nation into an Islamic Caliphate under Sharia Law. The Liberals and Democratic Party is lining up to help them accomplish this, because its constituents want this to occur. The Democratic Party is no longer the party of Roosevelt or Kennedy. Instead, it is the Democratic Party of Black Lives Matter, the Corrupt Clinton Foundation, and Mr. Obama; our First Muslim Brotherhood President. It is also the party of the supporters of AMEXICO, who wish to turn our nation into a Spanish speaking, Mexico Flag loving, Drug and Crime Tolerant cesspool of corruption and poverty…..just like their Mother Country Mexico is right now. WE ARE AT WAR and President Trump is the only one who can save our Children and the future of America.