5 Questions to Antonia Samanns, MAKERS talent recruiter

The world of HR changed tremendously in the past years.

Digitization and the “war of talents” turned recruiting into an even bigger challenge for every organization. Antonia Samanns, talent recruiter at MAKERS, has some interesting thoughts on the company’s approach to recruiting and also on why there are more men than women in the startup scene.

Antonia studied Psychology and Management in London and Saint Andrews and worked as a recruiter for startups and several enterprises including Generali and Lidl

1. How is it working at MAKERS and its companies?

I personally think working with MAKERS and its companies is great! The working environment is both international and intercultural, so I get to work with people with very diverse backgrounds and experiences, which automatically results in lots of creativity and unique ideas.

Furthermore, I’m happy about the responsibility and empowerment I received from day one. Both my superiors and colleagues are open to bouncing ideas around and interested in suggestions on how to improve processes and products.

2. What kind of personalities are you looking for at MAKERS and its companies?

There isn’t that one type of person we’re looking for as we’re a team full of diverse characters. However, what we all have in common is that we are proactive, open-minded and don’t shy away from challenges. We are looking for people who are result-oriented, creative and want to leave a footprint behind.

3. What do you think makes a great company?

It’s the people within an organization that make a company great, which is especially visible in startups. It is crucial to hire people that fit into your team and are passionate about the company’s mission. This ensures that the team’s culture remains positive and that the employees are motivated to contribute to the company’s success.

4. Why do you think there are more men than women working in Berlin’s startup scene?

Well, many of the jobs in the Berlin startup scene are tech related, which means that the pool of women that apply for these kinds of positions is simply smaller at the moment. Nevertheless, my personal experience showed that the longer teams are male-dominated, the less attractive it is for a woman to join the team. That’s why it’s of great importance that founders pay close attention to gender diversity within their team, right from the start.

5. How do you think will the role of HR change in the future?

This is a very interesting and exciting time to work in HR. I believe that Human Resources Management to currently be undergoing a lot of changes — especially online recruiting tools are becoming increasingly centered around ensuring a positive recruiting atmosphere and improving the overall experience of both applicants and hiring managers throughout the entire recruiting process. Due to user-friendly recruiting tools, the entire recruiting process will become much quicker, interactive and personalized.

Furthermore due to the “war of talents”, companies will increasingly need to recruit skilled employees from all over the world. Consequently, cultural diversity within companies will be even bigger. This is both a blessing and a challenge: on the one hand, multicultural teams contribute to creativity and innovation, but on the other hand, people with different backgrounds are sensitive to different management and communication styles. HR practices will need to adapt to that and offer a different set of incentives to employees. Additionally, HR will need to put much more emphasis on foreign employees’ well-being and comfort both at their workplace and in the new country that they live in. This combined with team-building events ensures that employees from all over the world feel comfortable in and identify with their team and company.

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