5 Questions to Nick Effenberger, MAKERS’ UX Designer

On what device are you reading this article? Phone? Computer? Tablet? No matter what equipment you use, there’s always an idea behind how you see and use the content you consume. UX designers are the people that come up with the idea of the visual concept of apps and websites. Nick Effenberger joined MAKERS in December 2014. Since then, he was involved in several projects from both MAKERS and its ventures. In our interview, he talks about UX itself, his daily business, design inspiration and the future of his profession. Enjoy!

1) Who are you and what do you do?

Hey! I’m Nick and I work as a UX Designer at MAKERS. Apart from that, I’m a passionate sportsman: Biking, crossfit, beach volley, surfing, etc. is what keeps me sane!

2) How do you define UX design?

For me, UX design means crafting digital products that are so self-explainatory and easy to use that you feel like you have been using them for ages already. That works by instrumentalizing learned patterns from the whole design spectrum: Common colors, icons, positionings, and many more. Yet, in order to attract attention, good UX is also defined by delivering fresh, new or even unexpected elements, for example entertaining details such as animations or illustrations.
But to be honest, no matter how much you think you know about the user, target audience, persona or whatever you call it — UX is about testing, discussing and experimenting, every single time you have a new product or feature.

3) How does a typical day at work look like?

Almost every day starts with an iced Club Mate out of the fridge (high five to the stereotypes) and a 5–10min Muzli-Break. Generally, my work is focused on creation. That includes building new concepts from the scratch, such as Cashout, and improving existing products or websites, for example perdoo. But what’s most fun for me are rebranding processes: Communicating a founder’s vision and ideas in a way that appeals to the general public.

4) Who in the industry do you follow and read?

I am not that much of a design speeches and conferences guy. The moment I lack inspiration, I start crawling behance, dribbble or even pinterest — and yeah, there a lot of amazing artists and agencies — and even though I put them into my list of favorites, I prefer working for myself (laughs). But seriously, the design teams of focus lab and invision are a huge inspiration, especially UI/UX designer Pawl Skupien and digital artist Peter Jaworowski continue to amaze me with every of their new creations.

5) What are upcoming trends in the field of design and UX?

In my opinion, google-led Material is still on the run becoming the global design benchmark. This combined with constantly improving technology trends like massive video and image usage, as well as fancy scrolling and animation features gives us UX designers new possibilities to tell immersive stories. Also, giving websites a more editorial look and feel seems something that becomes increasingly popular. I’m happy about being a part of that exciting development!

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