So first, I do not actively participate on transgender forums.

Maybe you should actually go on those forums and talk with trans women instead of reading the cherry-picked and often quote-mined screen-shots that are generally floated around in “gender critical” forums.

“We are being told that we no longer have the right to not see penis.”

By whom?

And a woman expecting that what’s in her pants is none of your business doesn’t count. A trans woman who identifies as a lesbian not wanting to be called a rapist for using the term “lesbian” to describe herself doesn’t count either.

You also seem to think that trans women are making it impossible to talk about periods and vaginas. If I had 10 cents for every time a trans activist told me that I couldn’t talk about my biology in the five years that I’ve been heavily involved in trans activism, I would have a grand total of 0 cents.

Someone was spreading a rumor that I called someone a bigot for talking about endometriosis though — even though that never happened and I have similar problems myself.

My editor was accused of making threats towards a cis feminist writer even though that never happened.

Point-blank — some of the stuff that you are complaining about is literally and completely made-up. It’s like MRAs talking about how awful feminism is because of free-bleeding and SCUM and #endfathersday.

CCP has been banging that drum as well, but at least as far as I know she hasn’t down-right lied; just exaggerated.

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