Existence as a human is an odd compilation of experiences that instigate an individualistic definition of normal. We all have our own idea of what this concept means when applied to life.

The connection that normalcy brings is the driving factor behind attaining this goal. Nothing beats having an effortless understanding with another person. In order to have this understanding, “normal”, or assimilation with others’ behaviors, style, viewpoints, etc. seem to facilitate the desired connection. Once these normal behaviors are dropped and it is realized that the two people in the picture are different, that connection can loosen.

This is a sobering observation. We sacrifice individuality and creativity for the idea that conforming to our perceived definition of normal creates effortless connection. Imagine what it would be like if we treated everyone we met as if they were normal; as if the other person were as regular as you perceive yourself and the reality in which you live to be.

To bring this back around and tie it in a bow, do not sacrifice yours or others’ individuality and creativity for normalcy. Connection should not be an issue once acceptance rather than conformity is the running practice.

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