i don’t give a shit

last night i tweeted this:

what i thought was a pretty self-explanatory tweet was perceieved as just the opposite of that, with many people texting me soon after asking what it meant. yes, it was about you and here’s what i meant. from one music industry intern to another.

this shit isn’t for everybody. i’ve slept in my car outside of venues because tour managers (or myself) couldn’t get me a hotel room. i’ve sat in a major’s office explaining my roll out ideas only for them to tell me they dont understand me.

and then use my exact ideas a month later without any credit or compensation.

what i’m getting at is shit isn’t always going to go your way. that pretty little internship is cool now, but how much are you gaining from snapchatting me stupid intern things five, ten times a day? i worked hard as fuck to get where i’m at (which still isn’t that far) and did it all while staying relatively quiet. sure, i shared the humorous parts of the journey (french montana ikea table, backstage at gov ball, etc) but for the most part i’ve kept to myself. please, if there’s one thing you learn from me, it’s to do the same.

when you realize that nobody really cares is when you start seeing positive differences. close snapchat. work! showing a rich, famous sensation like myself that you’re currently brewing a pot of coffee for rapper xyz doesn’t have any advantages. it won’t get you promoted and quite frankly, i don’t care enough to watch it for the full eight fucking seconds you set it for.

if you are currently working an entry level intern job in the industry, that’s awesome. put your phone down and absorb your surroundings. most internships are just observing anyway- so do that. take advantage of what you have. the only person that could possibly stop your growth is…you. and you need to believe that if you ever want to progress from those coffee duties.

i, for some reason, get a few emails a week asking for advice about this kind of stuff and i tell each and every one the same thing. the glitz and glamor don’t come until you’ve earned it. fuck, it’ll probably never come. i’m certainly not there yet and neither are majority of my friends. a lot of the kids hitting me up want the same results as someone like myself with hardly half the work ethic. basically, what i’m trying to say is

if you won’t die for this shit, then go into finance or something.

the world doesn’t need to know. save your data.