Are you listening?
Jonas Ellison

“In today’s world, listening to the wisdom that surrounds us in every moment is like a secret weapon….It’s a daily practice, well worth the effort.” Some people call this praying. Some call it meditating. I don’t have a name for what I do but I will try to describe how I interpret your words, Jonas.

I spend a lot of time alone. I love solitude, I cannot ever remember feeling lonely or bored. In fact, I wish every day was double because I have so many ideas and plans; being an artist I will likely have double those ideas and plans by tomorrow. I accept that not all of my plans will come to fruition.

Each day I am aware the colour of everything, both inside my home, and outside, is constantly changing, depending upon the weather, and the season. Many sunrises and sunsets cast a golden glow on everything; some days are so foggy that visibility is nil and everything appears to be wrapped in cotton wool. One brilliantly sunny winter day, last year, an instant snow storm dropped snowballs the size of baseballs; another morning, the treetops of the birch trees were loaded with ice and bent beyond belief from the weight. They survived.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving Day. The maples are red and the birches are yellowing. The blue jays, cardinals, crows and all of the other birds are flitting around and flying past just missing my balcony railing.

As I have mentioned before, I am a senior. I make do on a very limited fixed income and the majority of my income goes to pay the rent. It is totally worth it! Living where I do affords me a contemplative life. I am truly grateful for the luxury of this peaceful existence and I am also thankful to you, Jonas, for posting these reminders prompting me to think about how fortunate I am.

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