Be mean in a nice way
Jonas Ellison

Jonas, you are obviously, ahead of the game in parenting and you are well on your way to changing the world one little person at a time. The most highlighted passage is so tremendous, I‘m going to paste it here.

Hold the line but don’t lose your head. 
Stand up for yourself, but don’t lose your center. 
Speak your defiant truth, but don’t attack frivolously. 
When someone wants to escalate things, don’t flee, but refuse to follow suit.

I just want to add, that I do not think yelling at a dog is the same as yelling at a little person. Little people who witness their loved one being violent beaten or committing violent acts are emotionally scarred for life. Having said that, there is no dog on earth that does not need to be disciplined if has a habit of chewing carpets, eating shoes or …? Terrible dog behaviour should bring immediate and consistent consequences. Unless you are a dog whisperer, you are going to have to speak your defiant truth until the dog understands, the word, “NO!”

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