The curse of the greyface and the celebration of chaos
Jonas Ellison

Right on, Jonas. This post advocates …the wisdom of a child….

Children are happy and carefree before they come face to face with rules and regulations; before they are indoctrinated and socialized.

Why do adults think it imperative to wreck the best form of humanity by threatening and cajoling little beings into pleasing adults? Why don’t more parents and institutions recognize the inherent artistry of children? Why don’t parents and institutions listen to the children instead of demanding that children listen to them?

Most parents are too busy working and engineering their children’s lives to be able to step back and take a chance on anything. They want their children to be happy, to be accepted, to be educated, and to be promoted and respectable. Most parents want their children to fit into this hierarchical, controlling, and dysfunctional society but once the child does fit in there is not much opportunity to be anything but greyfaced.

Children are taught absurd rules, regulations and laws and then those children pass their induced craziness on, to the next generation of wise children. Ridiculous laws and ridiculous orders have one demand. Just as most religions do, they demand subservience. There are rules regarding: what to wear, where to live, who to associate with, which school to go to, what job to aspire to and all of these rules take away a person’s ability to choose.

No wonder there are so many grey-faced adults. There are few societally acceptable ways to be free and without freedom of thought there cannot be creativity. One of my university professors stated that most seminally creative art, is initiated by the ‘folk’ or lower classes because they are always struggling to make changes in their lived experiences. She gave as an example: (1810–49), Frédéric François Chopin, French composer, born in Poland, who composed numerous mazurkas and polonaises that were inspired by early Polish folk music.

Early dance music was a part of everyone’s lives. It softened worrisome burdens and made life not just bearable but playful and fun! Greyface cannot exist while heartily dancing and singing.

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