Week 12: Vampire Penguins: Resistance.


Two weeks remaining in the regular season.

There are still 9 teams still in the mix for the final 6 playoff spots.

6 of those teams play each other this week head to head.

No teams on BYE this week.

Year of Redemption!

All four teams that did not make the playoffs last year have either punched their playoff ticket or are still right in the mix for those final spots.

Strungfu and #BigOleBears both have locked in their playoff position completing their redemption tour after finishing in the bottom two spots #11 and #12 last season.

The Taavis and S.A.C.F.T.P.Y. are both competing for those final playoff spots. S.A.C.F.T.P.Y. has the necessary wins, but may need some more points. The Taavis needs at least one more win, and the points.

Year of Failure!

THE PANDA EXPRESS and The King of Kings are both on the cusp of playoff spots.

Neither team has ever missed the playoffs.

Could this be the year that either/or both miss? (i hope not)

Let’s go!


  • The King of Kings promoted back into Platinum!
  • Super Saiyan Bears promoted into Silver!


Highest Player Score:

Week 12: Christian McCaffrey(35.70 pts) —#BigOleBears

Lowest Player Score:

Week 12: Carolina Defense (0.00 pts) — Deflated Balls

Largest Margin of Victory:

Week 12: Zubinni (128.08pts) v. Sheeshkaboobi!(75.20 pts) = 52.88 pts of victory.

Smallest Margin of Victory:

Week 12: S.A.C.F.T.P.Y. (91.72 pts) v. Solid Rainbows (88.06 pts) = 3.66 pts of losing.

Good luck!

Maurice’s Marquee Matchups!

All of these teams are within 1 game of each other for the final playoff positions:

THE PANDA EXPRESS v. Super Saiyan Bears.

  • Key NFL game: Los Angeles Rams v. Detroit Lions. THE PANDA EXPRESS has two WR from the Rams. Super Saiyan Bears has the QB and Kicker for the Rams.

EDucated Guess v. The King of Kings.

  • None of their players actually play against each other. That’s weird.

Deflated Balls v. The Taavis.

  • Key NFL game: Seattle Seahawks v. Green Bay Packers. Deflated Balls has WR for Green Bay and Seattle, has the Seattle Defense, and the RB for Seattle. The Taavis has the Green Bay Defense, and WR for Seattle.

Good Luck!