Exciting News: Improved MAYZ ISPO

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2 min readAug 18


We’re thrilled to share the great news about our revamped Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO). As our MVP launch draws closer, we’re excited to introduce this fresh and improved ISPO to the Cardano community.

Rethinking Our initial ISPO approach

We have concluded that we were not able to distribute the expected amount of $MAYZ tokens via our initial ISPO.

After carefully evaluating our initial ISPO and listening to the invaluable feedback from our community, we’ve recognized that our previous design was overly complex and lacked clarity.

As a team, we acknowledge this challenge and are committed to delivering a straightforward, user-friendly, and rewarding ISPO to our community, ensuring it’s impactful and effective.

That’s why we are here to share our vision for an improved ISPO. This ISPO will have a more straightforward design and distribute double the amount of MAYZ per 100 ADA staked!

What’s on the Horizon? An Improved ISPO

Considering the circumstances and the fact that over 95 million MAYZ tokens are still awaiting ISPO distribution according to our tokenomics, we’ve decided to launch an enhanced ISPO with the following changes:

  • Rewards: 3 MAYZ per 100 ADA delegated per epoch
  • Pool Ticker: MAYZ (same pool, different name; previously 1MATE)
  • Duration: Until the 95 million MAYZ are distributed
  • Start: Epoch 433 — August 28 (make sure your stake is registered in our pool before Epoch 433 stars)
  • End: When 95 million MAYZ tokens are fully distributed
  • Vesting Period for Rewards: 10 epochs from the start of the delegation
  • Distribution Platform: mayz.io

In addition to this, as a token of appreciation for those who rally behind this improved ISPO, we’ve introduced the following bonus structure:

  • 10 consecutive epochs: +10% reward
  • 20 consecutive epochs: +20% reward
  • 30 consecutive epochs: +30% reward

A crucial note: If a user removes their delegation for even 1 epoch, they will forfeit the bonus while retaining their base rewards (3 MAYZ per 100 ADA staked per epoch)

Let’s Break Down the Numbers with an example.

  • For every 1000 ADA staked, you would normally receive approximately 0.5 ADA per epoch in ADA rewards.
  • When participating in our improved ISPO, you will get 30 MAYZ instead of your ADA rewards. In essence, this translates to purchasing 1 MAYZ for 0.0166 ADA, resulting in a perceived fully diluted market cap for MAYZ Protocol of 0.0166 x 1,000,000,000 = 16.66 million ADA.

It’s worth noting that users already participating in the current ISPO do not have to take any action. The pool will undergo a name change from 1MATE to MAYZ, and your participation will be seamlessly transitioned.

We’re optimistic that this upgraded ISPO will resonate with our community. Your support means the world to us!

For more information on MAYZ:

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