White people with dreads aren’t “hippies”, they’re ignorant culture vultures

Foreword: If the title already offends you, and you happen to be white, you should keep reading this for your own intellectual benefit.

Ok. Let’s carry on. Let’s talk about cultural appropriation. Yes, that inconvenient term that was created and keeps getting us white people in trouble. Can’t we just live our lives?!

Lets start with dreadlocks. People throughout Africa (which is comprised of many different countries believe it or not, and cultures, where not everyone is not the same) wear dreadlocks for a variety of social and spiritual reasons. In Nigeria when kids are born with naturally locked hair, they are seen as exceptionally spiritual and are given a special name. In some areas of Ghana, only priests may have dreadlocks. Rastafari locks symbolize the Lion of Judah. Dreadlocks have also been required in many Buddhist rituals. And in white culture? Dreadlocks have no significance whatsoever. Except for when assholes like Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, and white people who shop at trader joes and name their children sunbeam and apple wear them.

What about henna? That really cool stuff you can pay (other white) people to put on your skin for $20 at fairs and concerts? You can even get, like, a Chinese symbol in henna (since every symbol/text we don’t recognize is probably from China instead of the numerous other countries that exist in Asia or the rest of the world). Anyways, henna is painted on the bride in Hindu weddings to symbolize joy, beauty, spiritual awakening and offering. And Native American headwear? It is particularly reserved for elders who (through selflessness and leadership) earn the right to wear a headdress. It is strictly spiritual. Aside from music festivals, headdresses are not a part of white culture. Neither is henna. I don’t understand why white people wear headdresses still? Is it because they don’t really have a culture of their own and just want to know what it feels like? Or because nobody ever taught them how tremendously disrespectful and embarrassing it is? Either way, it’s not ok.

I think worse than any of the scenarios listed above is when white people get annoyed at the existence of the term cultural appropriation. It is as if it is a real inconvenience to us. I mean, we are already trying to learn how to respect and value black lives, and now you expect us to stop stealing other people’s cultures too? I mean, really, take it easy on us. One thing at a time. It’s truly overwhelming to have to be so politically correct.

Side note: the term politically correct (PC) was coined by ignorant shit heads who think it’s a chore to treat people of different races, sexualities, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, or genders with respect. The term PC is usually followed by a very offensive, degrading, or racist statement after which someone says “it’s annoying how we have to be so PC these days”. Instead of worrying about being PC, just try not to be an ass hole and you should be fine.

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