How To Enter The Dragon: Losing Fat Edition

  • Seriously, cut *all* the shit sources from carbs (flour and sugar) — Stick to (few) fruits, beans & veggies. No soy.
  • Abundant game meats, eggs & oils are The norm.
  • Skip breakfast and workout first thing in the morning (weights preferably) you can drink coffee or tea (w/o milk nor sugar) and water is a must!
  • Do not snack ever if you don’t want to count calories, eat your fruits as dessert. Stick to lunch and dinner. Also, don’t eat til you’re about to puke in those 2 meals, stick to generous yet not abusive amounts
  • Measure yourself every day (The awareness of Your progress is more important than the numbers per se) Weight, waist, pictures
  • Do sprints or cardio With your dog apart from the gym
  • Use the same weight at the gym Always, and every 2 weeks increase it a Bit.
  • Before the Gym: Meditate, visualize your ideal physique (and all it’s implications hehe) and remind yourself of the measures you’ve chosen to achieve it. 10–15 mins. Most don’t do this. Most look exactly like soy.
  • Make progress in other parts of your life and Win consistently in various aspects. Dont just fuck around and only go to the gym, this a part of your lifestyle, not your life. This is a priority since Extreme Ownership in your actions will leave your T levels at all time highs and you need that.
  • And finally, YOU MUST FEEL a tad of HUNGER, EVERY DAY. If you aren’t you WON’T lose weight. Simple as that. Become aware of this fact and embrace it. This was a biggie for me, I’ve got very annoyed from time to time at my progress and realized that most progress happened when I felt somewhat hungry on a Consistent basis

Don’t read anything else and apply this.

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