3 Pieces of Advice for Starting up

It’s not for everyone, but once you catch that “startup bug”, it’s TOUGH to get rid of it! There are thousands of little nuggets of advice to share about starting up, but I think these 3 pieces of advice are important to take into account when you’re on the fence of whether to dive into the startup world or not…

1) Support System

Having that support system, whether it’s family, friends, mentors or business partners — the people you surround yourself with will help push you through those tough times and, of course, be there with you to celebrate the good times!

So make sure your support system is intact when you start up; those dark days are inevitable and EVERY entrepreneur has been there before. One thing to be sure of is to have a person in your corner who has “been there before” to help you through, that’s your mentor, keep them close!

2) Stop talking. Start DOING!

Everyone has business, website or app ideas… But that’s what they are, IDEAS… Stop talking. Start DOING… It’s the actions and EXECUTION of those ideas that actually push you and your business forward. We all talk to our family, friends and associates about our ideas — and they could even sound like great ideas — but they’re only ideas until you act on them. Now is the time. Not tomorrow and definitely not next week…

3) Set small, short-term goals

Setting small, short-term goals helps you move your business forward each and every day. It’s those small wins every day that pile up and build into that huge win! Since you’re starting up, maybe it’s registering your business, purchasing your domain/hosting, getting out and just talking to your potential target audience to get feedback… Keep moving forward, achieving those small goals and progressing!

What other important pieces of advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting up their own business? Interested to hear others thoughts who have been there before!

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