5 Great Coding Articles For Junior Devs

Manchester Codes
Apr 2, 2018 · 3 min read

If you’re just starting out as a Junior Developer, or thinking of taking the plunge into a new career, and need some motivation to get started, check out these inspirational blogs from some awesome women & men in tech:

  1. Being a Junior Developer at 30 by Eva Lettner

I’m here to tell you that diving into tech at 30 (or any age) can be incredible and adventure filled with memorable experiences, amazing people, and great opportunities…

Eva shows us that despite the challenges and obstacles of changing career, the tech community is like no other industry, meaning the rewards, adventure, friends, and job satisfaction are what make it all worth while.

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2. Battles Of A Junior Developer by Michael Ogala

Once I got on a real project, it didn’t take very long for me to realise that there was so much I didn’t know…however, despite how difficult catching up and closing the knowledge gap has been, I have survived and will continue to survive by keeping the following in mind…

Nobody knows everything, you are smart, there are no dumb questions, and your colleagues are invaluable — a few simple reminders for those starting a new job.

3. Coding Like A Girl by Sailor Mercury

Be as flamboyant, fancy, frilly, girly as you would like to be. Do it while being a gamer, a programmer, a game designer. Because you are helping to change people’s ideas of what a programmer/gamer/game developer looks like. And you are making the world a more awesome place by being you.

Being a #WomanInTech is bad-ass but it comes with it’s trials and tribulations. Sailor Mercury shows us that while there are still many issues with diversity in tech, we can all have a very simple part to play in showing discrimination the middle finger.

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Credit: Sailor Mercury

4. How To Get Hired As A Junior Web Developer by Zell Liew

First, begin with the end in mind. Ask yourself — what do you want as your first job?…Your answer is important, because it’ll inform your path as a developer going forward.

Tips & tricks for choosing the right path, learning the necessary skills, hustling your way into a job and meeting the right people.

5. How to Build an Online Presence as a Junior Developer by Sam Jarman

Developers are makers by nature, but this doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) apply to just code, so creating content online to assist your career is well worth having a go at.

Why blogging can enhance your learning, increase your employability, and open up opportunities for you as a coder.

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Have you read any amazing articles this month? Share in the comments below!

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