How to Save Water at Home

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We can’t think a single day without water. But we waste water in many ways in our daily life. If we pay a little attention to this matter we can save the valuable resource and it will keep the water bill low. We use water in many household works, if we use it smartly we can reduce the waste. Insure reuse of water is an effective way to save water. Keep in mind that we can’t go on without water, so don’t waste it and use it wisely.

There is numerous way to save water at home. The most effective ways are given for your concern.

Check your faucet and pipe for leaks: A leaky faucet or pipe can waste 20 gallons of water every day. Larger leaks can waste up to 100 gallons of water per day. So, if there any leakage on your pipe or faucet repair it to stop water waste. If you need to replace your pipe and faucet buy the high quality product for better service. You may find many cheap pipes but the waste of water will make the water bills high.

Use water meter: Water meter is a device that can measure how much water you use. It will give you a clear concept about how much water you use every month. If you find the bill heavy but you don’t use too much water then look for leakage on the water system.

Fix your dripping tap: You may think dripping tap waste very less water, but it can waste 15 liters of water every day and 5500 liters of water per year. It also keeps the toilet and kitchen wet.

Reuse of water: The water you use every day in your home can be reused for the different purpose. It will save the water and ensure proper use. You can save your shower water for water your plant. You can use your gray water for flushing toilet. The water you use for washing foods can be used for feed your plant.

Water your plant in the early morning and in late evening: A garden needs lots of water. If you water your plant smartly you can save huge water every day. Use watering pot rather than hose pipe to the water plant. Hose pipe uses much more water than watering pot. Watering in the morning and let evening reduce water loss in the garden.

Fix your toilets leaks: A leaky toilet can be a big cause for water waste. Leak in toilet flush waste huge amount of water per day. Fix your toilet leakage to stop water waste. Using quality toiletries is a great way to prevent water loss in the toilet.

Take a short shower: Shower head uses up to 5 gallons of water per minute. So, if you have the habit of taking long shower use a shower head that uses less water. Don’t delay on the shower to save valuable pure water.

Fix your shower head: Leaky shower head loss huge water. Fixing shower head will save lots of water and water bill. You can use good quality shower head to prevent leakage and it will work effectively for years. But if your shower head leak water fixes it to stop water loss.

Toilet flush: The toilet is the most water intensive fixture of a house. Toilet flushing needs lots of water per flush. The old toilets use more water than the new models. You can employ a modern flush that uses less water. Don’t flush garbage on the toilet, it wastes a lot of water.

Water efficient goods: Using water efficient goods can help you save water. When you replace your household product you can employ water efficient goods to reduce the loss of water. Buy water efficient taps, dishwashers, washing machine, toilets for your house.

Turn off the tap during brushing your teeth: 2.5 gallons of water comes out of your tap in every minute. So don’t keep your tap running while you are brushing your teeth.

Use rainwater: Rainwater can be a great source of pure water for your house and garden. Making a rainwater barrel to hold rainwater can be very effective to reduce your water bill. You can use the water for washing and water in the plant.

Use full loads for washing machine and dishwasher: When you are washing clothes always use it fully loads. And fill the dishwasher fully to reduce water loss. Half loads waste gallons of water.

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