Do heterosexual pedophiles and homosexual pedophiles differ in correlates like left-handedness, minor physical anomalies, white matter amount and distribution or brain activity patterns as a result of presenting sexual stimuli?
Sexual orientations: What I’d like to know
Šimon Falko

Interesting question, we’d have to go back to the original studies. Checking one, Cantor et al (2005), there was no significant difference between girl-attracted and boy-attracted pedophilic men.

Cantor, J. M., Klassen, P. E., Dickey, R., Christensen, B. K., Kuban, M. E., Blak, T., … & Blanchard, R. (2005). Handedness in pedophilia and hebephilia.Archives of Sexual Behavior, 34(4), 447–459.

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