I am trying to find a way to get Medium to present material I want to read.

I’m not sure you understand how condescending you’re being, even softening your admonition to a “suggestion” and telling me that I could try to be more “sophisticated.” The piece you are commenting on is an excerpt from my nationally- and internationally-bestselling book. It has been praised in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, The Globe and Mail, and dozens of other outlets. I’ve been profiled and interviewed in print and on radio worldwide. The book has sold in ten countries. What I’m doing is working pretty well for me.
You have every right not to read the post (and by not clicking on a headline you claim to have no interest in, not finishing it, not recommending, and NOT commenting, you show the Medium algorithm that this isn’t the kind of piece you want to engage with), but you don’t need to tell me I “should try something else.”
As I say in my book, “You do you.” And I’ll keep doing me.
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