We are pleased to announce that we now have over 5000 registered users on the MCT+ Trading Platform and are also closing in on 10,000 completed trades.

2019 has already begun in a positive way for MCT+ with the Trading Platform now breaking even financially. This milestone is a crucial step that will pave the way for continued growth and of course allow us to be able to share revenue with holders of MCTP in the future. We hope everyone will understand that our priority is to ensure we have a stable and sustainable business model first; something the team are committed to providing. It is this commitment that is seeing MCT+ move forward in difficult times whilst many other projects are falling away. MCT+ has always been seen by the team as a long term project which will take shape over months and years, not days and weeks. One where the long term investors are rewarded greatly for their faith and patience.

In fact MCT+ ended 2018 in a positive way with our successful move to PoS. Now in 2019 we are seeing a number of other projects attempting the same but without the same smooth execution. We have not been without our hiccups either, but what is more important is how we take those experiences and learn from them.

Behind the scenes there are many things going on. These include the team trying to secure exclusive pre sales for new projects. We are also actively investigating the best way to incorporate MCTP into the Platform for the payment of fees. Having learned from our first attempt we are committed to getting things right the second time around which is why it is taking longer to implement, though it will be here in 2019. There is also time being spent on improving the Platforms UI, whilst it works, we of course want something better. Next is the work to allow the holders of MCTP to register and track their share of the Platforms revenue.

The above only just touches on what is planned and progressing behind the scenes, some things we can not even announce right now due to our wish to gain the initiative. We will of course share more information as soon as we are in a position to do so. We hope you all have a great weekend and thanks again for your faith and support it really does help us.

The MCT+ Team