Some updates from the MCT+ that you will love ♥


Dear community,
today we implemented the revenue share overview. You will find it in the left menu on platform (‘Revenue Share’).
Columns are sortable by hitting the arrows next to column name.

So now its time to trade and gain more revenue share community!

To participate in the community revenue share payout, you have to hold a minimum of 15K MCTP on platform.
In stage 2 of revenue share implementation you can have your MCTP coins in your local wallet. We will announce stage 2 rev share, when its ready.

Direct link to revenue share overview on platform:


We have updated the platform wallets page.
Now you can sort by each column. Default sorting is “Total USD” value.

We also did some overall changes to the look of the platform and develop a new statistics page.
As we did a lot of changes, you should logout, clear the browser cache for and login again.

The MCT+ Team