Perfectly Imperfect

Nobody is perfect. The realisation that no-one is perfect releases something in you. It releases a new consciousness towards yourself. You begin to find beauty in your imperfection. You appreciate that which makes you different and your self love game grows.

In our formative years we have had our minds, consciously or unconsciously moulded towards the idea of perfection. Some of our parents went as far as drawing comparisons for us. We all had that one cousin or family friend that found their way into admonishing conversations and we wondered if we were good enough or would ever be good enough for anything.

Unconsciously we let that sink in and a lot of us continue to battle within ourselves and as such we have let the idea of perfection hold us from doing a lot of things.

There are a lot of us who have so many ideas but we fear executing them because they aren’t perfect enough.

Yesterday I asked myself, who said perfection was the ultimate?’

Have you seen the beauty that imperfection brings? The lessons that comes with it and the experiences it gives you?

Imagine wanting to write a story. You have the idea in your head so you write it down. It looks good. Then all of a sudden, you start to see faults in it. It’s too long, too short, not properly constructed, the title is terrible. We go on and on and on till we kill the idea, lose confidence in ourselves and no one gets to see it.

A lot of us hold on to great ideas and great things because we have this picture of perfection in our head — created either by us or other persons and in the long run we end up not doing anything.

We are focused on trying to get just one thing right we do not see beyond that one thing. You ever been in a situation you had to present ideas for something and that which you considered your best work won’t be looked at and the least idea would be the preferred?

Sometimes we over polish our ideas and it becomes superficial, unrealistic and not do-able.

See, process ultimately brings perfection but you have to allow for the imperfections.

Some amazing human said to me; ‘Rather you did it than regret you never did it’. Now every time I try to convince myself that something isn’t perfect enough I tell myself those words.

It’s ok to not get it always. You eventually will. By all means go on and aim for perfection. It is important that you are master of your art however, remember to cut yourself some slack.

Ask yourself; Would it not be better that I did it, rather than regret I never did it?’

Strive for perfection but find beauty in your imperfections.

Go on and be great.



27th September, 2017

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