It’s Not Too Late

There are many on the GOP side who assumed, hell I assumed, that Donald Trump would begin reigning in his rhetoric and move towards the center when it became clear he was going to be the nominee. Ted Cruz, his last real competitor for the nomination, dropped out of the race a month ago. How has Trump celebrated the one month anniversary of becoming the presumptive nominee? He is calling a judge biased against him because he is Mexican (actually he’s American, but I’ll save that argument for someone else). This is a week after blasting the Hispanic, REPUBLICAN, Governor of New Mexico for having the temerity to not show up to one of his rallies.

Trump still says he’s going to build a wall. He has not backed down from his deportation rhetoric. His language is still inflamatory. And the polls? That short period where he was actually tied with Hillary Clinton, his likely general election opponent, is long behind us. She now leads him by double digits, despite not having clinched her nomination.

Trump is currently involved in thousands of lawsuits. He is being accused of fraud. He risks leading the Republican Party into the worst election results in over 50 years. What is a GOP delegate to do? What is a citizen to do?

Though the chances of an outright revolt by delegates is extremely slim, it’s not out of the question. If the extreme rhetoric continues and more leaks from the Trump University fiasco surface, perhaps they can be persuaded to follow their consience. Sean Parnell and Curly Haugland, convention experts (Haugland being a GOP delegate himself), discuss a consience exemption in their book, Unbound: The Conscience of a Republican Delegate. Of course this is highly unlikely.

But maybe there is another option. Surely Trump can’t be shamed into abdicating his nomination. But maybe he can be convinced in a way that truly speaks to him. His pocketbook.

There already is some evidence that his brand is taking a beating. Bookings for his hotels are down significantly from last year, despite the improving economy. This despite any concerted effort to shame people into not supporting his misogynistic and racial rhetoric. Imagine, if you will.


First, it could be a simple trending topic on social media. Maybe for a day or two. Trump would flip out and call the #NeverTrump folks losers who don’t have jobs and don’t wear pants. But what if it continues? What if this time in July, bookings are significantly down even more? What if no one is golfing during the best time of the year? What if donors shy away from giving to his campaign. They certainly already have many reasons not to give. What if Donald Trump’s golden well goes dry?

He will overreact, of course. He will be a cornered animal, lashing out at everyone. But as the money continues to dry up, his rhetoric will get worse. And GOP leaders will have no choice but to distance themselves more as the polls continue to show a decisive Clinton victory in November.

Rumors of delegates forming to resist his nomination could be the icing on the cake. Dwindling money, increasing unpopularity, the media continuing it’s role reversal by finally vetting, the distancing from GOP leaders and delegates, could all lead Trump to one conclusion. Time to get out!

He will not surrender quietly. But like Sarah Palin’s resignation, he will say he’s doing it for the people. He’ll talk of all the vitriol and how it is affecting his family. He’ll talk about the potential layoffs from his huge empire due to the #BoycottTrump losers. Sad! He needs to get back to work. Save the jobs of his workers. Save the dignity of his family. He’s made his point. Crooked Hillary shouldn’t win, so he will choose an heir apparent, introduce Rudy Giuliani (or whoever he feels like picking that day), walk off the stage, up his Trump elevator, and be done with it all. Of course the delegates can completely ignore his advice, but it will give Trump the feeling that he still has control, even if ultimately ignored at the convention.

Crazy, right? But times are so dark, it’s time to try a little something crazy. Trump must be stopped. Time is running out, but the final buzzer is still a month away. It’s time to #BoycottTrump.

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