Scattered thoughts for scattered minds


What does it make us?

What to make of this?

Even though I do things that are fulfilling, my heart still needs some filling

Overwhelmed with disappoint with the things I expect from this world

Used and I’m exhausted

Where to go from here? don’t know if i’ll ever know

Lost and still ain’t found a route suitable to my liking

Trying to make it home where my soul is not alone and the lights are not put out in

I want my soul to shine

And still be able to survive in the harsh reality of life

Lord help me find a way to have a peace of mind

Though I know my heart always means well

My eyes are not blind to what this world is capable of

The cruelty is all Ican think about

Paranoid out my mind I can’t sleep at night

It is so complicated when you want a balanced life

But you’re working constantly to get by

So I don’t even know where my relationships lye

Correct me if I’m wrong

And if I’m right why does it feel like it will never be enough

Not satisfying

Always one thing or another, right or wrong

Is the way I’m living right or wrong?

This the shit I do when I doubt myself

Too open minded I always find a reason not to

I dont even know my next move because I’m just sitting here thinking

Am I right or wrong?

Is this life right or wrong?

Little repetitive

But that is just how my mind is