MECACOIN Candy Airdrop event guide

MECA Casino is an online blockchain casino platform that offers a turnkey solution for users to become owners. The utility token MECA Coin (MCA) was developed to bring trust, decentralization, and entertainment to the platform. MECA Casino provides the highest quality in casino games and sports betting soplayers can just enjoy the game.

The MECA Coin Candy Airdrop event is in progress. You can earn 80 MCA by participating. You can also get an additional 20 MCA for every person that joins using your referral link.

How to participate:

  1. Join the MECA Coin Official Telegram English channel

2. After joining the MECA Coin Official Telegram English channel, open a Private Message with MECA Coin Airdrop bot and follow the instructions


  • The process is very simple. Just send a Private Message to @MECACoin_Airdropbot and you will get step-by-step instructions on how to complete the process.
MECACoin airdrop bot Image
  • Simply make an ICX wallet address and send your address to @MECACoin_Airdropbot. That’s all. Be careful to only enter an ICX wallet address. ETH address are not accepted.
  • If you have trouble with CAPTCHA (anti bot verification) you can ask to MECACOIN Official telegram English. (If you got banned, we will unban you directly)
  • If you want more free MCA, you can invite more people to MECA Coin Official Telegram English channel. Your unique Referral Link will be given to you automatically when you complete the registration process with the MECA Coin Airdrop Bot.

3. Stay in the channel! If you leave the channel before receiving the tokens, they won’t be issued to you.

The airdrop reward schedule will be announced later on the MECA Coin Official Telegram English channel.

Join the MECA Coin Official telegram English channel to get more information about this airdrop event.

Thank you.