How Much Time Do I Need to Spend on Medium to Drive More Traffic to My Site?

Ah, Medium sounds amazing! But I don’t think I have enough time to use Medium. I’m already overwhelmed with managing my blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. It’d kill me to add another. Not to mention, I’d rather not invest my time into something that won’t give me a good ROI (return on investment).

That’s what people would say (somewhere along those lines) whenever I rave about the amazing benefits Medium offers.

Totally understandable. No one wants to waste time on something that doesn’t give results — traffic, shares, likes. Right?

But if you see what Medium can do for your blog, you’d know it’s a profitable investment. What I’ll show you is how much time you’d need to spend on Medium every day to increase your following and get more people to know about you or your business. And depending on your business, this could bring you more customers, subscribers or loyal users to your site.

First off, what exactly do I need to do on Medium?

  • Follow people
  • Republish old blog content
  • Promote your content through publications
  • Engage with the community

Follow people (5 minutes)

Similar to Twitter, a decent number of people follow you if you follow them first. On Medium, that’s about 1 out of 7 people. I got this stat by using a dummy account.

The # of followers I got in one day after following 150 people

This is completely achievable for you too — just have a complete bio and at least one story published.

Now if you created a new Medium account, you can only follow up to 150 people — the daily max limit for following. This daily max limit does increase the more followers you have.

If you want to increase the number of your followers FAST, here’s what you do: Find someone very influential — by that I mean someone who has TONS of followers (ex. Larry Kim, Tobias van Schneider, Jon Westenberg). Go to their profile, click on their ‘followers,’ and then start following each individual on that list. This should take you no more than 5 minutes to follow 150 people.

Remember, the more followers you have behind your back, the more you can expose your name across Medium and the more visitors that’d flock to your site.

Pro-tip: Be sure to feature your story. This will display your story at the top of your profile feed and increase the chances of people following you back. After all, no one likes following someone with no stories.

Republish your old blog content (10 mins)

If you ever want to grow your site, republishing content is an absolute must. The goal here is to leave your imprints on as many places as you could, so you can bring in more traffic from multiple sources.

The best tool to republish your blog content? This WordPress-to-Medium plugin.

It’ll publish your post automatically to your Medium profile, so you don’t have to do the traditional copy-paste method. Setting up takes roughly 10 minutes, and once you have the plugin all set up, everything is pretty much automatic.

Note: You can only republish 10 posts every 24 hours.

Promote your content through publications (10 mins)

Sometimes, your content alone is not enough to generate a ton of views. That’s why you need to find a publication, a place where writers can submit their stories related to a particular theme. The good thing about posting onto publications is that all of your followers + everyone following that publication will see your story.

Here’s how you can find a publication to join. First, type in the keyword related to your story or topic into Medium’s search bar. Click publications. I used ‘startups’ as an example.

Choices, choices choices….

Keep in mind that publications with a higher following are more selective when accepting stories to publish. So make sure you give a good pitch when applying to join their publication.

More importantly though, find the publication that best fits your topic, then email the editors. Once you’re accepted, you can then submit your story to the publication.

Pro-tip: Twitter is an effective way to reach out and ask the editors to take a look at your story.

Engage with the Medium community (30 mins)

The response rate on Medium is remarkably high.

3 out of 4 comments of mine would either get recommended or a comment back. Engaging with Medium-ers may be more time-consuming than the other tasks, but it is the most rewarding in terms of ROI. Because once you have their undivided attention, it’s easier to direct them to your site.

Here’s three ways you can go about to engage with the Medium community.

1. Comment on people’s stories

People take great pride in what they write. Show them how much you appreciate their work via complimenting their writing, voicing your opinions, sharing valuable insight you think will help them. Everyone loves hearing feedback about their work and if you can touch them with your comment, it’s natural for them to want to know more about you.

2. Comment on other people’s comments

Why limit yourself to a 1-on-1 conversation with the writer when you can engage with other commenters? I mean if they have time to drop a comment for someone, they’ll probably have time to check out your site.

3. Write private notes

Private notes are not typically used, which makes it even more attractive to writers who see them in their Medium notifications. Find something you want to say in their post — whether that’s a grammar mistake, a broken link, a resource to add, a useful suggestion, anything that can contribute to the writer. They’ll be thrilled that you actually care about their work and want to help.

Total time to spend on Medium effectively everyday

55 minutes.

Quick Breakdown:
Follow people ~ 5 minutes
Republish old blog content ~ 10 minutes
Promote your content through publications ~ 10 minutes
Engage with the community ~ 30 minutes

By investing 55 minutes/day on Medium, you can gain at least 20 followers, bring decent traffic to your site, and build your name across Medium.

Of course, this might take longer if you’re new to Medium. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be generating a steady stream of visitors to your site.

Tiffany is the creator & marketer of Rabbut — a writer’s best friend for collecting emails for Medium, Linkedin, and personal sites. Top Medium writer for life hacks, productivity, startups and relationships.

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