Tools That Make the Best of Your Blog

Author’s Note: This is not just a dump of tools we stole from other people’s resources page. These are tools we’ve compiled together that will save you time, improve your writing, and most importantly, bring more people to your site. We know because we tried them all.

Write better


Grammarly — your online English tutor, always by your side the moment you write. Any misspellings or grammar errors are underlined in red. It’s almost impossible to mess up your writing (unless you’re purposely trying to write gibberish, e.g. dfgoinfwo!)

Places to write

Calmly Writer — the cleanest and LEAST distracting blogging platform you could ever find! If you’re the type that gets easily distracted by flashing message or your bookmark tabs, Calmly Writer might be your savior.

Medium — the #1 choice every writer, blogger, journalist, entrepreneur, and marketer uses to express and share ideas. Some businesses have already adopted Medium as their corporate blog, for individuals their personal blog. You’ll realize the reason why the moment you start writing on Medium.

Brainstorming blog topics

Blog Title Generator — generates a ton of titles with different styles that allows you to “fill-in-the-blank” with your keywords. You can favorite ones you like and email them to yourself. How convenient is that? 🙂

Tweakyourbiz — One topic/word, 100+ ideas. Enough said.

Portent Content Idea Generator — Turn any topic into newspaper-worthy title. You’ll also get fun tidbits dissecting parts of the title.

Save time | Productivity

Carotene — Our primary tool for work. It’s a mix of Slack + to-do list. Update others on what you’re working on, and list out what you need to do for the day. Best part is, it’s free to use!

E.ggtimer — Watch the time you spend on writing or researching content. Set the timer, and you’ll be alerted when time is up. This way you can better manage your time.

Rescuetime — tracks the time you spend on websites and applications, giving you a general idea of your day, whether you were productive or more distracted. Also comes with a weekly report based on your activity.

Moom — often frustrated when trying to view multiple windows by individually moving them around? Moom gives you the convenience of moving and zooming on windows through one display or another, through your mouse or keyboard. It’s $10, but worth every penny if you’re serious about blogging.

BetterTouchTool (for Mac users) — lets you customize actions for keyboard shortcuts on Magic Mouse, Macbook Trackpad, Magic Trackpad, and normal mouses too. Free to use.

Track analytics

Google Webmaster Tools — gives you a taste of how your site is ranking in search engines for specific keywords, how much traffic you’re getting, who backlinked to you. There’s so much more.

Google Analytics — a must-have for every website owner. GA tracks who comes to your site (current and past) and gives you an overview of who they are, where they come from, which pages were clicked on. All of this gives a detailed report of your visitors.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Yoast SEO plugin — the most complete WordPress SEO plugin that exists to this day. It tells you how strong your SEO is for your post (in regards to your article heading, page title, URL, content, and meta description). There’s more to add, which you can read on WordPress in YoastSEO plugin description.

Google Keyword Planner — keywords are HUGE part of SEO. Figure out what keywords work best to bring the most traffic to your site.

Get more blog traffic

Quora — the most popular (and reliable) question-and-answer site to share your thoughts, express your opinion, and show off your knowledge in a particular topic. Just make sure you add your website to your bio or within your answer.

Medium — I know I’ve already listed Medium under “Places to write.” But to not include it here would be a disservice to all you bloggers. It’s got such a rich source of influentials and readers that you’d be missing out if you didn’t have one.

Rabbut — the newest tool for collecting emails on your blog! Simply copy-paste a link we give you and watch it magically transform into a subscription form. Once you post a new piece, all of your subscribers get it through a pretty custom newsletter. Works on Medium and any blogging platform that has an RSS feed. It’s time you grow your online presence, isn’t it? 😉

Linkedin — the 3rd most popular social media with 396+ million users. Each second, 2 new marketers. Publish your posts on your account or on LinkedinGroups. You’ll capture the attention of successful entrepreneurs and professionals of your industry.

Twitter — love it or hate it, Twitter still remains as the fastest platform to spread your online presence. Play your hashtags right and add an appealing image with your link. It’s enough to get people curious about you or your site.

Buffer — Want to schedule exactly what and when to post? Get Buffer! You’ll be able to schedule up to 10 different posts to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+. Includes analytics, so you know which one of your posts has the most comments, clicks, and likes.

Quuu — $2 for 5,000+ reach for one month. Feature your best blog post. By the time you know it, people will start sharing it across all social media platforms without you having to so much. All you need to do is submit your link to Quuu promote.

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