1000 Free EOS Accounts from MEET.ONE

Breaking News!

MEET.ONE team will share totally 1000 free EOS accounts for our community members.

The activity will start from 2018-12-18, 19:00:00 to 2018–12–28, 19:00:00 ( UTC-5 EST) , which means we will give 100 EOS registration codes at 19:00:00 UTC-5 EST everyday.

How to get a free EOS registration code?

  1. Follow our twitter(@MeetDotOne)

2. Retweet the specified link in twitter


3. Add our robot in telegram(@MeetOneAccountBot)

4. Talk with the bot like this example,very easy!


a. Our codes are available in 24 hours and can only used for one EOS account, so please use it as soon as possible.

b. Everyday we will share 100 codes and totally 1000 free codes for this activity

For Korean users:

  1. MEET.ONE의 트위터를 팔로워 하세요. (@MeetDotOne)

2.해당 트윗을 리트윗 하세요. https://twitter.com/MeetDotOne/status/1074849148292087809

3. 텔레그램 봇을 첨가해 주세요. ID @MeetOneAccountBot

4. 텔레그램 봇과 대화를 나눕니다.

5. 의문이 있으시면 MEET.ONE 텔레그램 한국방을 참가해주세요. https://t.me/meetone_kor


1.초대코드의 유효기간은 24시간이므로 유효기간내에 사용하시길 바랍니다. 
2.1개 초대코드는 다만 1개 EOS 계정을 만들수 있습니다. 
3.본 이벤트 기간내에 하루 100개씩 총 1000개 초대코드를 공유합니다.

How to create EOS accounts by the code?

MEET.ONE wallet download link:


If you have any questions , please join our telegram group: