How to use Binance Chain in MEET.ONE wallet

May 23 · 3 min read

MEET.ONE wallet( 2.4.0 version) has fully supported Binance Chain, the following is the tutorial.

1. Create a Binance account

A. In the “Me” page, switch to Binance network, some users may need to use a VPN.

B. Click “create account” and set the account name and password (there are no format requirements for the account name, which is used to identify different account).

C. Save the private key exactly and keep it in a safe way.


The private key represents the ownership of the account. Once lost or stolen, it will cause irreparable loss of assets. Please do not use the network to share or store the private key.

The private key in the figure is just an example.

2. Trade in Binance DEX

A. Open the discovery page and click ‘Start Trade Now’. Click the “Sell” or “Buy” button to call up the login page.

B. Choose “ WalletConnect”, and “Get WalletConnect QR code”

C. On the top right corner, click “… ” and “scan”.

This is Binance DEX native login page. For some mobile phones, the QR code is not displayed completely or cannot be recognized, please click “refresh” and try again.

D. After selecting the account, you can trade in Binance DEX.

3. Daily transfer and receive BNB tokens

A. The receive address is the public key of Binance account (different from EOS), as shown below:

B. You can scan the QR code or input the account name to transfer BNB and other tokens.


Download MEET.ONE wallet: