MEET.ONE migration to EOS Mainnet Official Notice


On 30th July 2018, MEET.ONE team officially announces the following to all MEET.ONE Token holder:

The new MEET.ONE Token on EOS Mainnet is fully activated, users holding the existing ERC-20 MEET.ONE Token are required to complete the migration before 23:59:59 on 30th September 2018 and the old MEET.ONE Token will be obsolete from 00:00 on 1st October 2018.

The new MEET.ONE Token (on EOS) smart contract has already passed the security audit by SlowMist, so how to complete the MEET.ONE token migration and own the new MEET.ONE token as soon as possible?

1. For users who have stored their MEET.ONE in exchanges

Option 1 - Wait patiently for the exchange to officially liaise with MEET.ONE and the exchange will complete the migration on behalf of its users

Option 2 - Withdraw your tokens from the exchange before the deadline and deposit it in exchanges which support the migration or complete the migration using MEET.ONE APP.

MEET.ONE team is currently actively liaising with various exchanges and at present, the exchanges which have officially announced that they support the migration of MEET.ONE to EOS Mainnet includes Chaince and TOP.ONE, in particular:

1)Chaince detailed schedule:

a. Existing MEET.ONE Token (ERC20) open for withdrawal and deposit: 1st Aug 12:00–7th Aug 12:00

b. Existing MEET.ONE Token snapshot, which will be converted to the MEET.ONE Token (EOS) at the rate of 1:1: 7th Aug 12:00

c. New MEET.ONE Token (EOS) open for withdrawal and deposit: 7th Aug 18:00

d. MEET/EOS exchange pair officially launched: 8th Aug 12:00

Chaince URL:

2) TOP.ONE detailed schedule:

a. Migration of existing MEET.ONE Token within the TOP.ONE platform:

Estimated to be completed by 30th July 2018 20:00

b. Opening deposit/withdrawal function of MEET.ONE (EOS): After migration is completed

c. TOP.ONE will continue to allow deposit of MEET.ONE (ERC20) till the following date:30th September 2018 23:59:59 (Consistent with the MEET.ONE’s official deadline)


The migration process using exchanges such as Chaince and TOP.ONE is convenient, fast and allows immediate trading, hence users are recommended to choose the above method.

We welcome representatives from exchanges to contact us through our Official Email address: MEET.ONE will promptly update the community with information on exchanges which support the MEET.ONE migration to assist users conveniently and efficiently obtain the MEET.ONE Token on EOS Mainnet.

2. For users who stored their MEET.ONE in ETH wallets

MEET.ONE APP will be updated to version 1.1.4 in the near future, the new version will include “MEET.ONE migration function”, which could be used without importing ETH wallet, please be on the lookout for relevant announcements.


MEET.ONE is a block producer candidate from Singapore and was elected as one of the Genesis BP on 15th June 2018. Since its establishment, MEET.ONE has been devoted to becoming a portal to the EOS ecosystem and is actively involved in the construction of EOS ecosystem.

At the user level, the team has experience in the development and operation of products with 100 million users and has successfully launched two core products: the EOS ecosystem wallet “MEET.ONE” which has EOS asset management and information in one and “MORE.ONE” the EOS premium project airdrop platform, and have accumulated a massive number of EOS holders and active users. The ”EOS TOOLS” which was used to verify if the mapping was successful and “EOS KIT” which allows users to browse global EOS information were all developed by MEET.ONE.

In terms of underlying technology, MEET.ONE team will be launching the first side chain based on the EOS Mainnet. Resources such as RAM, CPU, and NET needs to be purchased to develop on the EOS Mainnet, and as EOS and RAM prices continue to climb to new peaks, young teams will have difficulty paying the costs in the early stages. However, the MEET.ONE side chain will provide developers a secure, stable and cost-effective EOS friendly development environment by offering it at lower costs.

As a result, MEET.ONE will achieve a full-chain structure in the EOS ecosystem construction, forming a complete ecosystem structure from the user level to the ground layer. On this basis, MEET.ONE will fully integrate its own advantages and become an important incubator for the EOS application ecosystem. For example, the MEET.ONE Foundation will invest in an investment in quality Dapp in the EOS ecosystem. By leveraging on the advantage of the massive amount of EOS holders accumulated by our core products such as MEET.ONE APP and MORE.ONE APP, we will provide a better exposure platform for Dapp, providing a chance for users to participate in the early stages of quality projects.

Users could inquire about matters relating to migration process in our official telegram group chats:

We would like to express our gratitude to all MEET.ONE supporters for supporting us!


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