MEET.ONE Wallet is officially 1! Win 1 million MEET.ONE~

Jun 30 · 3 min read

On June 30th last year, we officially launched MEET.ONE Wallet. We are excited to announce today is the 1st anniversary of MEET.ONE Wallet launch .

To thank all community members’ warmly supports, we would deliver 1 million MEETONE airdrop!

Activity 1: Link your MEET.ONE chain account to share in the million MEETONE token prize!

1. Add the MEET.ONE bot (search for: meetoneEngBot in telegram).

2. Follow instructions to join the official English group of MEET.ONE.

3. After you have joined the group, tell the bot your MEET.ONE chain account name ending in .m. Once the bot confirms that it has received the correct information, then just sit tight and wait for your airdrop to come.

For example, my MEET.ONE Chain account is meetone555.m

Activity 2: Invite friends to share in the 500,000 MEETONE token reward pot!

  1. Click on “ Generate referral link” and follow instructions to generate your personal referral link.
  2. Share the poster and the link to your friends or in telegram group.

3. After your friend has successfully linked a valid MEET.ONE account name through your link, you can get an additional 50 MEETONE tokens in rewards. Each person can invite up to 100 friends to share in the 500,000 MEETONE token reward pot.

This is the example, please link your MEET.ONE Chain account first and then invite friends.


All EOS accounts created before Feb 19 this year have got a free account.

If you have import private key of EOS account on MEET.ONE wallet, the first login MEET.ONE Chain should import private key, click “ Fast import”.

a. Open “Me”, switch to MEET.ONE Chain

b. If you got a free random account, you can import quickly.

b. If you created account end with .m via buying our invitation code, which means you get a new account with the same account name on MEET.ONE Chain, then you can manually import EOS Mainnet account private key.


1. Event time: 2019/06/30 04:00 am -2019/07/10 04:00 am UTC.

2. Rewards will be given out within three working days after the event ends.

3. If you attempt to game the system, you will be disqualified from receiving rewards.


Download MEET.ONE wallet:


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