MEET.ONE will join Binance Chain

Jun 24 · 4 min read

MEET.ONE-Pegged Token is scheduled to be launched on Binance Chain in the near future, becoming the first EOS token that plan to list on Binance DEX. All MEETONE token holders can start a cross-chain transfer based on this guidance. Once MEET.ONE Tokens are successfully launched on Binance DEX, all cross-chain trading users would have the opportunity to get big rewards (the rule will be published until the confirmation of launching on Binance DEX).

1. Join Binance Chain, Start a new journey

The token issuance on Binance Chain aims to increase the liquidity of the MEET.ONE token, and via expanding the range of consensus to make the value of projects on MEET.ONE Chain more convenient. Binance Chain focuses on finance and trading, providing project parties with multi-dimensional conveniences such as investment, token distribution and trading. Since funded in 2018, MEET.ONE has been serving hundreds of thousands of HNW (High Net Worth) blockchain users, from supporting decentralized application to digital currency finance. In addition to supporting the Binance Chain on the wallet and issuing MEET.ONE-Pegged Tokens on the Binance Chain, MEET.ONE will continue to explore all potential possibilities for cooperation in the future and synchronize the progress to the community.

2. The principle and implementation of MEET.ONE cross-chain

The process of MEET.ONE token integrated into Binance Chain doesn’t trigger any additional increase of issued token, adopting the same integration way with BTCB. Simply speaking, lock 1 billion liquidized MEET.ONE token on MEET.ONE chain, and then issue the corresponding amount on Binance Chain. In the upcoming future, MEET.ONE team will release a specialized cross-chain contract and realize a bidirectional transfer between Binance Chain and MEET.ONE Chain.

3. How to cross-chain transfer to Binance Chain?

A. From EOS Chain to MEET.ONE Chain

a. Open “ME” Page, switch to “EOS Chain”

b. Open “Discovery Page”, click “Transfer to MEET.ONE Chain”, input the account of MEET.ONE Chain to receive MEET.ONE token


i. All MEET.ONE Chain accounts end with .m

ii. The amount need to be ≥ 100 MEET.ONE

iii. Your MEET.ONE Chain account would receive MEET.ONE from cross-chain in 5 mins after the successful transfer.

B. Create a Binance Account

a. Open “Me”, switch to “Binance Chain”

b. Click “ Create Wallet” , set account name and password (account name is for daily use, not for payment address)

c. Write down private key correctly and keep it property

The Private key represents the ownership of the account, once lost or stolen, it will result in irreparable asset loss. Please do not transmit or save it through the network.

d . The Binance public key is the receive address ( totally different from EOS), click “Pay” and click “Copy account name”, then you can copy public key.

C. Transfer from MEET.ONE Chain to Binance Chain

a. Open “Me”, switch to MEET.ONE Chain

b. Open “Discovery Page”, click “Cross-chain Transfer Now”, input your transfer amount, paste Binance Chain public key address you copied, and then click “Transfer”.

After successfully transfered, your Binance Chain public key address would receive the corresponding amount of MEET.ONE in next few days. (Please waite patiently, you will be officially notified after we have sent .)


The first login MEET.ONE Chain should import private key, click “ Fast import”.

a. If you got free random account, you can import quickly.

b. If you created account end with .m via buying our invitation code, which means you get a new account with the same account name on MEET.ONE Chain, then you can manually import EOS Mainnet account private key.

24 June 2019



Download MEET.ONE wallet:

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