MEET.ONE is excited to partner with Upland to foster the innovative development of the EOS ecosystem. Upland is a metaverse that sits on top of the real world where people play games, earn money from running virtual businesses, and connect with other players. The platform utilizes the EOS blockchain and is available across devices. Investors are Finlab EOS VC and angel investors from the blockchain, gaming, and real estate space. By partnering with MEET.ONE, Upland begins its outreach to the Asian markets.

MEET.ONE wallet has integrated Upland as the DApp, users can find Upland on the Discovery page and access…

MEET.ONE is excited to partner with mStable team, a leading DeFi protocol that unites stablecoins, lending, and swapping into one robust and easy to use standard.

MEET.ONE wallet has integrated mStable as the DApp. Users can quickly find mStable on Discovery and explore it smoothly. Also, mStable’s tokens $MTA & $mUSD are supported, which allows users to store, manage, and trade them on MEET.ONE.

mStable has supported MEET.ONE for direct connection to the app. MEET.ONE users can directly tap MEET.ONE logo to connect their ETH address.

MEET.ONE is the most convenient asset management hub, supporting ETH, BTC, EOS…

Responding to’s call upon the new EOS resource model, MEET.ONE has internally made thorough discussions and also carefully listened to the feedback from our community. Here are some thoughts below we would like to share with you all.

About the Resource Rental Market

According to the formula from the proposal, it seems the function is designed without thorough considerations of the volatile market. Maximum Price parameter is not reasonable. The market is full of fluctuations and we can’t ever know how the market goes. So it’s hard to determine the maximum price. How high will it be, we actually…

MEFI is a brand-new upgraded official governance token of MEET.ONE. We have completed the initial swap (from $MEETONE to $MEFI) on September 2nd. This article will bring you to know everything about MEFI. Let’s go!

MEFI contract address:

MEFI Initial Swap Recap

The total supply of MEFI is 1 billion, which will be 100% swapped by MEETONE holders at a ratio of 10:1. Amid the initial swap (Aug. 31st- Sep. 2nd), the community has received 34,736,599,7.1 MEFIs. Additionally, the team swapped and received 250 million MEFIs, and the Foundation claimed 250 million MEFIs. There are still 15,263,4002.9 MEFIs that have not been claimed.

MEFI Distribution & Development

MEET.ONE wallet now updates to v3.5.3! There is a major improvement on the Ethereum chain. The latest version fully supports #DeFi and brings intuitive UI & better UX to users!

A mobile multi-chain wallet for all your DeFi needs!


1.Support ETH contract transfer and DeFi projects

Users now can complete ETH transactions within seconds and experience a wide range of DeFi DApps. Everything about DeFi can be easily found on MEET.ONE wallet.

2. More Tab options on the [Discovery] page, offering an immersive experience of DApps

Another way to store AVA, the token is on the popular blockchain wallet MEET.ONE. Manage your AVA tokens and get updated about the blockchain — all while booking a hotel for your next trip!

MEET.ONE is excited to partner with, the leading cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking platform. Following the brand-new release of the MEET.ONE Wallet earlier, the much-loved AVA token is now live and supported on the wallet, where holders can look forward to another easy way of storing their AVA tokens. Users will also be able to book their favorite hotels with …

Dear users,

MEET.ONE Exchange (MEX) has completed the system upgrade and the service has resumed on 18:30, May 19th (UTC+8).

After this system upgrade, all users are required to update MEET.ONE wallet to the latest version 3.3.0 to enjoy the full features normally. The previous deposit address of MEX has been changed, please confirm your wallet is the newest version before deposit to avoid the unnecessary loss.

As the aggregated service provider terminates the cooperation, MEX made this upgrade and currently has integrated Binance to share the best liquidity. Some currencies that are not listed on Binance but listed on…

Dear users,

MEET.ONE Exchange (MEX) has been undergoing the system upgrade from 12:00, May 18th (UTC+8). As the system upgrade involving layer change is complex, so it takes a longer time to upgrade and resume. The upgrade is about to complete within today and we’ll make another announcement to inform you timely.

During maintenance, all delegated orders and AI trading bot orders will be canceled and the corresponding funds have been transferred back to your MEX account. All trading services in MEX are unavailable, including order placement & revoke, deposit, withdrawal, transfer, asset display, and candlesticks, etc. …

Major Announcement

Dear MEX users,

MEX will start to terminate services temporarily and undergo a system upgrade on 12:00, 18/05/2020 (UTC+8). During maintenance, all delegated orders and AI trading bot orders will be canceled. All trading services in MEX are unavailable, including order placement & revoke, deposit, withdrawal, transfer, asset display, and candlesticks, etc. Please note that unsettled orders will be forced to revoke amid the upgrade. Please manage your orders in advance to avoid unnecessary losses.

After the system upgrade, the previous deposit address of MEX will be changed, and users are required to update MEET.ONE wallet app to the latest…

MEET. ONE AI Grid Trading Bot

If you are the person who has experienced trading skills and the appetite of money, then you must join the group of “Strategy Master” on MEET. ONE AI Grid Trading Bot!

As a “Strategy Master”, you’ll not only earn money easily with the Grid Trading Bot, but also get rebates from your strategy followers without doing anything. Once your created grid strategy is followed, you’ll get rewards directly to your account, up to 10% of followers’ trading fees. As the number of followers increases, your rebates can be substantial. A great deal of cash naturally follows.

Become a Strategy Master…


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