A Message to Physical Therapy Private Practice Owners

Dear Private Practice Owner,


Like you, I am also a PT and private practice owner with 2 clinics in Annapolis, MD, for more than 18 years. In 2003 I was one of those owners working harder and longer hours just trying to make ends meet. I thought everything would be better if I could just get more new patients. How many times have you heard yourself saying the same exact thing?

Well, In 2011 my practice was voted practice of the year by the Advance magazine and there we were on the front cover as the number one clinic in the country, AND I CAN TELL YOU IT WASN’T BECAUSE WE JUST GOT MORE NEW PATIENTS.

Many of you by now may have heard my story either at one of the multiple PPS or CSM national conventions or possibly at one of the several State Chapter APTA conventions I have lectured at. How I actually had to take my clinics back from who I sold them to from near bankruptcy and turn them around all while living 1,000 miles away and two years later winning practiceof the year. Yeah, those were fun times!

For more than a decade now I have been going in and out of more then 300practices across America from Alaska to Florida witnessing the distress of fellow practice owners. I have been working tirelessly helping them to turn their practices around and run like the top 10% of all practice across the country.

I have these 4 keys to practice success that I have pulled together from seeing, learning and doing only what works in the top 10% of all private practices across the country. 100% of everything I have developed over these years I give to you so you don’t have to recreate the wheel, because frankly you just don’t have the time.

My hope is that you decide to call me so we can talk about your practice, what you specifically are facing, and where you are. I’ll share with you some valuable data that you can take from that call and apply immediately. Again it’s for FREE with absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

Brian J Gallagher PT, CEO

For more information contact us at
(410) 384–9242 or visit our website at


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