For many years, the ownership of the Whanganui River in New Zealand was under dispute between the Kiwi government and the Maori people, who consider the river sacred. Now, however, it owns itself. In what’s believed to be a first, the river has been granted legal personhood, with the same rights and responsibilities as you and me. But determining where a river ends and the rest of nature begins —well, that may be up for some debate.

MEL is looking for part-time writers to join our burgeoning daily team

We’re hiring part-time writers to join our burgeoning daily team, executing sharp, original commentary on the biggest talking points of the moment.

We expect you to pitch your own ideas and take editor assignments, stay up-to-date on the latest conversations, studies and trends and have a reliable network of sources…

They might be patriotic, but they’re not from these parts

We’re an industrious people, but until the craft beer craze of the last couple decades, our mass-produced offerings to the Beer Gods have more or less tasted like piss. Not to mention, our macro brews are far from exotic—originating from not-so-faraway places like St. Louis and Milwaukee. Luckily, it’s a…

The ‘Fight Club’ sound designer reveals what you’re really listening to during those famous fights

All that racket you heard in Fight Club — most especially the punishing fists that bloodied (if not outright destroyed) the pretty faces of Pitt, Leto and Norton — came from Ren Klyce, the five-time Oscar nominee for Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing. In addition to his work…


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