by Riyad Abou Jaoudeh

Last week, our portfolio company MNT-Halan announced a $120M round led by UK-based Apis Partners with participation from several investors including MEVP. We are excited to share why we believe MNT-Halan is building Egypt’s fintech platform for tens of millions of unbanked and under-served and in doing so improving their lives and empowering them. According to the World Bank, financial inclusion is a key enabler for reducing poverty and boosting prosperity. …

by Rawad Khalife

Despite numerous crises, wealth growth has proved to be particularly robust, bouncing back every single time. Today there is more wealth in more hands and over the past 20 years, personal financial wealth globally has nearly tripled to cross $226 trillion lately¹.

In the GCC, personal financial wealth crossed $2 trillion in 2020: while banks have traditionally targeted HNWIs through their wealth advisory divisions, there is a significant gap left in the less affluent segment consisting primarily of young working professionals and that accounts for nearly $1 trillion of personal financial wealth.

Historically, many individuals regionally used…

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