Remembering Film Editor Larry Silk, ACE

Our first Artist in Residence event in 2005 with Editor Larry Silk, ACE

Our thoughts go out to the family & friends of Larry Silk, ACE. He’ll be remembered for his incredible kindness and devotion to craft. Some of the stories we were lucky enough to hear while he was Artist in Residence will stick with us forever. His otherwise gentle dog bearing his teeth at Marjoe Gortner, the “competitive” editing styles he and Geof Bartz used in Pumping Iron, and the clear memory of his early inspiration watching The River as a child. After screening his doc, Johnny Cash: The Man, His World, His Music, he left us with a CD of all the Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan outtakes (some genius just kept recording!) In describing Verite editing he said, “If I’m going to cut, I want to cut to something better than where we were just at.” You watch his movies and you know he believed it. Some of his work and his thoughts are below from his two appearances at EditFest NY and his amazing events with us as Artist in Residence. He will be missed!