Tips to Using LinkedIn Publishing To Drive Traffic and Customers

The social network for business professionals is a powerful platform to can drive you thousands of targeted traffic, quality leads and profitable clients.

Trust me, I have gained a client or two and also nominated for an award from this technique I’m about to share with you.

With LinkedIn’s publishing tool, you can re-publish every content from your site, on almost any topic, for free.

Here are tips to publishing on LinkedIn

  1. Publish industry-related content: These types of content perform better than news, gossip or entertainment content. And understandably so. LinkedIn is filled with professionals that are looking for new clients or new jobs, and HR professionals scouting for quality recruits or information that will help them be better at their jobs.
  2. Properly tag your content: If you are writing about customer service, ensure you add the tag ‘’customer service’’, right before you publish. This will make your content more visible to professionals following that topic.
  3. Use compelling headlines: Use tools like Coschedule’s headline analyzer to test your headlines and ensure that it is both powerful and emotional.
  4. Use proper images: A mediocre image can break your content. Ensure your images are not pixelated and convey the message your content is trying to pass across.
  5. Best time to publish: LinkedIn users normally log in during normal work hours. That’s the best time to publish your content.

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