Why Your Business Blog Is Not Getting Results, and What You Can Do About It

More marketers are beginning to use blogs as a tool to achieve their marketing goals. Goals like increasing sales, brand awareness, generating leads and converting those leads into long-term customers. However, very few businesses claim that they are not reaping the benefits of blogs for their business. That is, their business blogs aren’t getting them any of their goals. Here are several factors responsible for the success gap, and how you can fix them

  • Inconsistent Publishing Schedule: To fix this, get an editorial calendar (or hire us to develop one for you)
  • Blog Content Is Not Unique: To fix this, identify your niche. Who is your audience? What unique problem does your business solve and how does your content provide fresh and unique angles to solving that problem? (If you need help with this, you can reach out to us too)
  • You Publish And Forget: Publishing content is the first part. Promoting your content is the second part. Many businesses focus only on the first part and hope the second part magically happens. (Yes, we’re also in the business of promoting your content, hit us up)

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