5 Things You Should Consider Before Booking A Holiday Home
Katie Hetherington

A very handy article. Keep it close!

I have a few numbers I check which can make a big difference to the holiday…

1: Does the number of seats in the lounge/living room equal the maximum number of guests? It’s so darn irritating if you are one short. This usually results in someone in the family going in search of a Dunelm to buy a bean bag which ultimately you have to leave behind because there’s no room for it once the car has been packed.

2. Parking: How many cars will be involved and are there sufficient on or off-road spaces right outside for unloading, parking and loading (bean bags not included) when you depart?

3. Loos: Work out the ratio of guests to Loos. If you’ve only got 1 loo in a 4-bedroom cottage, there will be a heck of a queue every morning — but at least you may have a portable beanbag on which to rest while you wait!

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