There’s a phenomenon sweeping politics this election season, and while many of us seem to have subconsciously been swept up by it, we need to have a long national conversation about what’s happening.

Last night, nearly 48% of Democratic voters in New Hampshire decided who to vote for at the last moment, according to an NBC News exit poll. That means nearly half of the Democratic electorate in New Hampshire was undecided on who to vote for- despite the fact that most of the candidates running have been campaigning for a year.

With all of the exposure these candidates have…

It’s pretty amazing. If you turn on any of the major news outlets, you’d be led to believe that the Presidential campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was over. All of the forecasts before, during, and after Super Tuesday, were that he should just give up now because he’s being crushed by Hillary Clinton. The problem is: There is no truth to that sentiment.


If you put on CNN, for example, they’ll show you a graphic that reads as follows:


Hillary Clinton: 1,052

Bernie Sanders: 427

You’d then be treated to dismissive news anchors, and smugly-grinning analysts…

These are certainly interesting times we live in. You’ve got Donald Trump out there dominating the national spotlight, winning a hotly-contested Super Tuesday handily. You have record voter turnout numbers on the Republican end of the spectrum. You have Trump vowing to rip Hillary Clinton apart, and seemingly having tons of ammo with which to do so.

But if you think the Republican establishment is delighted with all of this, you’d be wrong. You’d be very, very wrong.

Yes, there is chaos up on Mount Reagan, as leading Republican voices are trying desperately to slow Trump’s momentum- even as an…

Look, I love my job. I do. Writing for Latino-Review is a ton of fun. But I do have some days where things get a little…heated. More often than not, it’s when the subject of Superman comes up. The character has been hugely important to me in my life over the years, and I cannot overstate my fandom for him.

It has lead to all kinds of interesting discussions with folks that disagree with my stances on issues related to movies about him. During the SUPERMAN RETURNS days, I fought with folks who hated it. …


I’m a writer, actor, director, DJ, singer, editor, dancer, father….basically, I create. I create a lot. If you wanna follow me, I’ll be delighted to have you.

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