This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

It is certainly an interesting piece, but you are wrong that every point you listed is not the Republican party. That is exactly what the Republican Party is and what it has been for decades.

We didn’t see this coming, and we absolutely should have. We should have been able to see what the instigators of frustration and outrage were fomenting within our base. We should have understood the implications of the last eight years, the rise of the Tea Party, and that its foundational frustration and obstinacy towards progress would lead to a monster of our own creation. We didn’t, and now it’s here.

What did you think would happen when your party’s representatives fanned racial, ethnic, and religious tensions because of their absolute hatred and detestation at the thought of a black man in the White House?

Your party was happy to fan the hatred as long as it suited your purposes. But now that proto-fascist Trump has exposed the Republicans for the petty, narrow-minded bigots that they are, suddenly the “rational” Republicans are screeching, “This is not my Republican Party!”

Sorry, but yes, yes it is your Republican Party.