MForesight’s flagship gathering takes a big-picture, long-
term view of the future of US manufacturing

This June 18, many of America’s leading thinkers and practitioners in advanced manufacturing gathered in Washington, DC for the fourth annual MForesight National Manufacturing Summit. The Summit featured speeches from Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Gary…

Event Recap

Experts discussing challenges with NDE

Nondestructive Evaluation (or NDE) is a set of processes and tools to evaluate parts and manufacturing processes without causing damage. NDE is becoming increasingly important as a result of emerging technologies and operational requirements. The advent of composites as structural and mechanical components in many manufactured goods and the complex…

How the U.S. Can Rebuild Its Capacity to Innovate

Today, Harvard Business Review featured an article on MForesight’s flagship research initiative: Manufacturing Prosperity. The piece examines the challenges facing America’s innovation ecosystem and highlights a range of potential solutions to restore both innovation and production capabilities on US shores.


As the piece points out, the issues are systemic. Innovation…


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