Digging into High Entropy Alloys: Experts Working Together

Event Recap

Keynote speaker: Dan Miracle, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • the wide range of applications for HEAs and MPEAs, and the unique value they provide
  • the fundamentally different approach to metallurgy that MPEAs entails, and the associated challenges that come with this, and
  • the barriers in producing HEAs and MPEAs at scale.
  • Alloy discovery & development
  • Melting, casting & forming
  • Additive, powder, and emerging manufacturing
  • High-temperature
  • Light-weighting
  • Functional and emerging areas
  • Dr. Dan Miracle (Keynote), Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Dr. Easo George, University of Tennessee — Knoxville and Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Dr. Carl Koch, North Carolina State University
  • Dr. Peter Liaw, University of Tennessee — Knoxville
  • Dr. Vivek Sample, Arconic
  • Dr. Cem Tasan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology



A “think-and-do” tank focused on the future of American manufacturing http://mforesight.org

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